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There’s something about yoga pants on a girl that makes a lot of guys (and girls) sneak a glance. Everyone does it, but it’s really not nice to stare. Some people don’t give a fuck, but for those who do, here are some things to avoid. Here are four guys who got caught staring and the mistakes they made:

1. No matter how magestic the booty may be, try not to make a face like you just saw a 10-legged unicorn.


2. The full-body rotation is a dead giveaway.


3. Try to keep your eyes from popping out of the sockets.


4. Don’t allow photographic evidence to be taken.


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  • paul

    it is nice to check out these nice asses in yoga pants but be careful not to get caught looking.

  • Dr.S

    These pics are so awesome! Love all of these plump booties. thestinky.com

  • adlyia

    How could you not include the picture of the President in Brazil?!?! That one is classic!!!

  • Milhouse Vanhouten

    I like number 4. I wish that was me there so I can squeeze her butt later

  • DaisyBee

    “There’s something about yoga pants on a girl that makes a lot of guys (and girls) sneak a glance.”

    Yes, girls sneak glances. We may even stare. ;)

  • Jake


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