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Check out what Nicki Minaj wore to Hot 97s 2012 Christmas Extravaganza.

Do you think her booty is natural or the result of plastic surgery?

Credit for these pics goes to their respective owners.


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  • paul

    i am sorry to say that she is one but ugly woman. she looks like a donkey in heat or something like that. and that ass is not sexy at all.

  • Bob

    Yeah I have to agree with paul.I almost gagged when I saw her.Fugly.

  • Curley

    Wouldn t touch that with your dick!

  • Tony

    Some you wanna fuck, some you wanna fondle. I love fondling big asses.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Fisturmomgood

    She could shit all over my chest after eating 5 bowls of denisons chili

  • Dark Lord of Anus

    WTF! How does she even wipe her ass without dislocating her shoulder? Anyone who thinks that looks good is welcome to it. Blah! Bitch could sit on a picket fence and be comfortable.

  • OmNom

    That ass is faker than a 3 dollar bill

  • http://kindof-perfect.tumblr.com Vaughn

    I’ve always thought she was a hideously unattractive woman. These photos only reinforce my opinion, and I’m glad many on here agree, especially about her horribly fake ass.

  • Canuckguy

    Presently I find that ass is super sexy but imagine it in another 10 years. YIKES!!

  • Big Dick Dave

    Fucking gross.

  • StrokerAce

    Right now, I wouldn’t mind grabbing those hips and holding on for dear life…at least once. :P

    But yeah, in 10 years? No. She’s a weird, plastic bitch, man.

  • dingus

    If you don’t want that I’ll take it!

  • Randy


  • The Last Universalist

    She looks great from the shoulders down. That face is ugly enough to stop a thousand clocks, but put a mask on her and I’ll do her every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • assmonster

    I must concur.
    I am not a fan of Nicki Minaj.

  • jerry seinfeld

    wow i cant believe how many nicki minaj haters there are on a site based on asses, that being said that bitch is hot id hit that like a ton of bricks

  • JustSayin

    I’m a fan of Booty from Small to Big. Great ass is great ass.
    THIS IS NOT A GREAT ASS … THIS ACTUALLY REMINDED ME OF ALL THE 70 Year Old Woman walking Miami in yoga pants. From behind, she might as well be pushing her 7th decade. YUK it’s simply horrible and definitely not worthy of GIYP posting !!! Nicki Formage In The Draws.

  • Steve Butters

    Do I need a STD test for simply looking at her pictures??

  • Trent

    I’d hit it…with a crowbar.

  • Richard Head

    I hate her music but I’d tap that ass no questions asked.

  • nicejo

    Words cannot describe……auto-tuned ghetto tranny WHORE!

  • Waffle Underpants

    How anyone could find something like that attractive is beyond me. There isn’t enough booze in the world to make me want to even shake her hand. I’d need 500,000,000 gallons of mental bleach to get anywhere near normal after that.

  • Dark Lord of Anus

    Proud to say I’ve never even heard one of her songs. Just look at that freakish cunt!

  • Yogapantsman

    I would let her ride me like a pony and then cum in her ass for 5hours straight

  • boywonder9er

    This bitch is beyond busted!!!! lets keep it real this is an ass site for ass connoisseurs and her ass is no way qualified to be on this site even if her name is nikki manaj who fucking cares your busted!!!! even if you got money and your famous it is what it is stay off this site bitch………

  • Aldaris

    The only thing notable on her are those outrageous killer tramp heels!

  • CG

    I agree with Paul, she’s not all that pretty. Her booty is fake, I can’t stand her music, it sounds evil. At least I can still see her underpants underneath those pants.

  • Gordon


  • PabloFresco

    To all those who say she’s ugly, its easy to judge from behind a computer screen. Personally, I like an ass you can see from a distance. Oh, on a side note. If you can’t read or spell words properly, you have no right using them.

  • Geo

    Wow…look at all the gays that showed up to a website based COMPLETELY on ass in tights to say how much they hate an ass in tights. This chick may not have the ass that everyone likes, but she is NOT ugly and she does NOT have a horrible ass. I’d hit, plain and simple.

  • Jimmy


  • Gedeon

    Naaaa! Horrible.

  • Kale

    She got a booty but you can see her panty line she needs a thong on that booty

  • BigBootyLover

    I would take my huge dick and fuck nicki in her ass and pussy and stretch it out. Them she would blow me like no tomorrow while I eat her delicious pussy as I cum all over her tits and face.

  • WACO

    I’m looking at it, and even if I wanted to, I just can’t be turned on by that ass. The term ass ugly has never been more appropriate. You just can’t fake a good ass. You’re either born with it, or you have to work your ass off to put some ass on. Maybe there are better examples out there, but her ass just looks like one big water baloon. Just not feelin it. Besides, even if she had the best ass on earth, she’s still got that face.

  • Milf_Fan

    Yeah, that’s a pass.

  • johno

    she looks like a wet nasty swamp donkey!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • chester

    fat and nasty

  • Steve

    Butt is way to big…..funny I’ve neve said that about tits.

  • Conan

    Ass is fake but given the opportunity, I’d plow. Not something i’d willingly fap to, though.

  • Khris

    A$$ is amazing.. and Nicki is fucking beautiful. How can u think a body like that looks disgusting??

  • Doc

    that is so fucking nasty. am i the only one left with standards?


  • Doc


  • Steve

    I think my eyes have caught cellulite.

  • Jon

    I can’t believe the guys on here who say she is ugly. One of the sexiest women I’ve seen In a while. Curves in all of the right places. Such a plump perfect ass. More nicki please.

  • RJ1817


  • Milf_lover

    Her ass is as fake as everything else on her. Fake hair, eye lashes, cheeks, lips, tits and ass.

    And that’s just at a glance. God forbid we see it all.

  • FunkBicuit

    Someone call Chris Brown…need a quick shot to her head!

  • SirDistic

    I’m gonna say it. I think Nikki is hot.
    I’d fuck her every which way and back again.
    I’d tap that ass like it was a pony keg.
    I’d slam her like a screen door in a windstorm.

    That ass is redonkulous and sexy to me.
    You go ahead and quit it, I’ll hit it.

  • Willy Hanes

    Deep down inside we all know the truth,it just to painful for some of us to admit too,that “ASS”,that wonderful “ASS” is so amazing,and just knowing you can “NEVER” get none is running you insane,I want some of that,so bad It’s making me mad!!!!

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com FireMan

    Sounds like Geo & Pablo should just go fuck one another! And take this fake, whiny, nasal, plastic cunt with em!!

  • jigsaw

    fat asssss

  • Ts’ita

    That girl is on fire! Oh that ass! I like that ass! I wish oh!

  • http://Facebook Dan

    Fuck the haters I would marry her and love her for the rest of my life haha

  • Bob

    So you dont like nicki? Then why would you click the link? Smh @ the haters.

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  • RipTide

    Omg she gives me such a hard on, I have to rub one out every time I see a pic of her. Don’t even get me started on watching her music videos.

  • Booty Burglr

    Looks almost to good to be true.

  • http://fightsandbikinis.blogspot.com/ Fights And Bikinis

    this was a thing of buety

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