The Sexiest Canadian Ever In Yoga Pants

canadian-GIYP-1Have to give a major shout out to GIYP fan Jan J for discovering the insanely hot @KathleenEggleton, who might just be the sexiest Canadian on Instagram.
canadian-GIYP-2Perhaps it’s our shared heritage making us biased, knowing that we live in the same province and may some day cross paths. I know, it’s highly unlikely seeing as there’s not a lot of public space between my basement man cave and the fridge upstairs, but with an ass like that I might be willing to brave the cold in hopes of some day seeing it in person.
canadian-GIYP-3Hell, I’d even consider signing up for the same gym as her if there was a McDonalds nearby. So strap yourself in and enjoy the next 26 pictures, because this girl is hot enough to make a Ryan Gosling weep. Also, we’ve included a bonus bikini pic because she’s just that damn hot.





Written by C. Munson

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This is the kind of girl I wish I had on my SnapChat, anyone know who she is?

.GIF: The struggle