The “offensive” photo that got our Facebook page suspended

Were you expecting a more risqué photo? Nope, just a selfie from the lovely @maikensb showing off her tie-dye yoga pants. This was the photo a person (or group) reported to Facebook as “offensive,” and got our glorious collection of yoga pants pics on Facebook “un-published.” This photo apparently violates Facebook’s terms of service.

Maybe I’m just insensitive, but I can’t find anything offensive about the above photo of @maikensb. The only thing that offends me is that someone would label a photo of a woman in workout attire as “offensive.” In other words, I am offended at someone else being offended.

How about you? Does this 22 year old girl’s photo offend or disturb you? Sound off in the comments. Here’s another one of her:


Written by C. Munson

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