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The 46-Year-Old Woman With A Booty That Puts Girls Half Her Age To Shame (17 Pics)

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She’s 46 and says the longest break she’s taken from working out since she was 23 has been one week. It shows. Definitely follow her on Instagram: @cttchickentuna. Enjoy these pics of her in yoga pants & workout shorts.





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  • ThomasER916

    N!ggers gonna nig.

  • SumTingWong


  • Jason MournsAlways

    she seems to be everything you are not. And everything men want.

  • nosmiley

    actually it goes much further than borderline.

  • TAp

    Sweet baby Jesus.

  • LandofDave

    It’s genes if you have a flat butt you can do all the yoga you want and you are still going to have a flat butt … genetics there is no way around it for now.

  • Tom Rush

    Если женщина хочет выглядеть привлекательно МакДак бессилен)))

  • Eyyyy

    Thank God i don’t have to work for an ass like that, I’m genetically blessed. xD

  • Paul

    Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration.

  • le Popcorn

    looking at the comment section like
    Pass me the Popcorn

  • marbl

    I’d eat that!

  • Ronnie

    So hot

  • SlutMagnet

    Holy fuck he got destroyed.

  • Dat ass

    She can get it I love it

  • littledingus

    She owns a CRT television….

  • Sharptonneedsasharpstick


  • FBHO


  • Reubin Z. Clitz

    Haters gon’ hate

  • Okc Dave

    What’s with all the tards that think an oversized ass is sexy? Tight is good, but big? All the better to POOP WITH? Again, ur tards. Smoking hot gal for her age but if you’re into eating ass you might as well be gay.

  • Paladin

    Let’s play carnival!!!

  • TZO2K15

    You deserve an Internet high-five there!…

  • TZO2K15

    Unless you’re a couple of years older, then she’s a WILF…After a couple of dates of course, as I’m no longer 25…

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    May I please lick that?

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