New pics of this cute stoner’s booty

twitter-stoner-1Any regular to our site should recognize this girl from Twitter, as I’ve made it quite obvious I have a crush on her and post her ass any chance I get. My goal is to somehow attain a diamond big enough to impress her so that she’ll actually give me the time of day, but since I’m broke and live in my mom’s basement I don’t know how achievable that goal is. My plan right now is to win a radio contest for a trip to some war-torn country and pick up one of those heavily discounted “blood diamonds” I keep hearing about. I’m told this plan is horrible, and I’ll probably die… but I don’t really want to live in a world where she’s not sitting on my face daily, so it’s a win/win in my eyes.

Until then, I’ll keep enjoying this update which includes a pic of her in a bikini, and you can enjoy the two new pics below.



Written by C. Munson

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Booty close-up


Big booty in grey yoga pants