Briana Therese, where have you been all my life?! (6 PHOTOS)

bribaebee-booty-001So a follower recently pointed us in the direction of @BriBaeBee and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. Not because she’s unattractive or something ridiculous like that, she’s gorgeous and her ass is perfect! The reason I feel disappointed is because she has somehow gained 106k+ followers without ever having been submitted to our inbox. Are all of you secretly following girls this hot without letting us know? Because that seems like a crime against humanity. We’re here to share the love of booty, not hoard it!
bribaebee-booty-002If you’ve got some girl you’ve been crushing on and you think she should be posted on our website, send her in by clicking here! Hell, you can even just email us, our email is girlsinyogapants [at] – it’s simple! However, if you do choose to keep them to yourself, well you must love booty as much as I do and you’re really going to want to check Briana out in yoga shorts. Four pics waiting for you below.





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Left or Right? Two girls in yoga pants

Do you think she realizes her yoga pants are see-through?