Beyoncé launched her own line of yoga pants and Lululemon isn’t happy (Photos + Video)

ivy-park-yoga-pants-001As many of you know, @Beyoncé dropped a new line of athletic wear recently under the name “IVY PARK”, and it would appear that the current reigning champion of lycra isn’t too happy! In a since-deleted tweet, the (potentially former) king of yoga pants said:



After feeling the wrath of Queen B’s “beyhive”, Lululemon decided to backpedal harder than we did 5 years ago when they sent us angry letters for using their name and giving away gift cards to their company. The difference is, we weren’t throwing shade for no reason and we were legitimately terrified that they would crush us with the weight of their yoga pants money.


Let’s be real though, to say that Beyoncé was “imitating” Lululemon is an extremely long shot. Is your local pizza joint that just opened ripping off Dominos? Is Starbucks just a yuppie Tim Hortons? The answer is no.

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