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In this industry it’s normal to fall in love with a new girl every day, but I think I’ve found the one I’m going to marry. And by marry I mean masturbate feverishly to while using my tears as lube in my mothers basement for the rest of my life. Now that you have that fantastic mental image, keep going for the high res shot of this girl in yoga shorts!

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  • john

    me too……

  • Frenchie

    Holy shit

  • George Costanza

    Is it normal to jerk off everyday? is there a cure for this?

  • shawn

    This is the complete package; face, lips, tits, ass, all ready to receive a hot load

  • james

    I need to know her name. Someone help me out.

  • anus

    she’s part black i can tell, 0/10 do not want

  • Amenforass

    Thank you Nike. And her mom.

  • CreepshotArmy

    i wanna have a baybee with her mang!

  • Jake

    that…is amazing…

  • kiznizz


  • redneckpipeliner

    Sorry guys but this is photoshopped, look at the perportioning of the legs to the butt. Scroll down so all you see is from her waistband down, those legs are way to small for her butt and waist.

  • isodope

    her name is Lais De Leon

  • Niggar

    OMG……..i would never let her leave the house. Everytime i saw her i would be on top of her nothing would ever get done.

  • Jagoff

    Photoshopped or not, I want my unborn children in every opening she has including ears and nose…

  • jak


  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I just busted the fattest load in my shampoo bottle

  • http://www.mensconfidence.com Tommy B

    Not a fan of this one. I can’t put my finger on a reason why, either…

  • Conan

    Butterface! She looks like a 14 year old girl. But I’d plant my face in that ass for hours regardless.

  • Girl

    She looks as perfect as can be, but nothing like her other pictures online.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    nice ass but shes ugly

  • marko

    DaT’s what im talking

  • Chef Freak

    yes please, I’ll have two. and that’s not photoshop, here’s another picture that shows her leg to ass ration quite well. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1viaskt2U1qaixo6o1_500.jpg

  • StrokerAce

    OMG, I am speechless and drooling… :D

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com romulan

    she looks like a fine light skinned stacey dash

  • http://aol Buddy Roe


  • JON


  • loki

    ugly mutt

  • fuckthat

    Half black girls are the hottest…hands down….absolutely perfect!

  • Meh

    God… and when i remember a classmate that had pretty much the same ASS… i loved going to school trips with her.

  • cazr

    Dam girl you look ready to be fck with the fcken ass you have yeah..

  • NCMary

    please, u guys are all the stupidest losers in the world first of all a girl like that would NeveR be faithful to u when ur back is turned so go ahead and make all the immature comments u can muster, ur stupid for even thinking she would ever even give u a chance for any reason in the world. just goes to show how stupid guys have gotten and are still getting in this world. facts point to exactly.

  • M

    That is one find @$$.


    Mary, youre probably fat & ugly and hate girls who arent in your boat. Shut your damn pie hole and get back in the kitchen while an internet full of pervs enjoy this proof of God’s existance / sculpting skills. And when a woman says men are all stupid while trolling GIYP because we’d do nasty things to a hot woman who might be unfaithful shows your brain is dumber than our dicks. Im sure some of the “skinny girl = teenaged boy” guys on this site would throw your bovine ass a bone, but not me. Log off of GIYP rght now and go vacuum.

  • assbandito

    Ncmary is a cunt

  • Chris


  • George Costanza

    QUESTION! if a white man has a kid with this chick would the baby be considered white or a mutt?

  • jA

    The woman is Latina, and by the looks of her no more than 30% black. If she mates with a white Guy, she’ll have very little black and most likely look white and therefore considered white

    Being white is about looking white

  • GirlThatLikesGirls

    the sad thing about the guys arguing on here is that they are arguing on a website looking at PICTURES of girls, you want an argument get off the computer and go find a chick ugh as a female I have probably had more girlfriends than some of you it least.

  • GirlThatLikesGirls

    *at whoopsies

  • McNasty

    i think i have one of the best jobs cause i have to sell NIKE clothing to women that are almost as hot as her and that once n a blue moon girl as hot as her….and yes sometimes i get whales but i walk away and think to myself “atleast i work at a sportin goods store everybody knows fat people dont wanna shop her”

  • Jim Johnson


  • yockelizer

    Shes fukin perfect down to the knees. Se probably got man feet

  • gvn2fly

    just so everyone knows this super hot lady is 100% real. facebook Lais De Leon. thats her name and her page.

  • ebonybabe

    someone tht pretty can be faithful>>
    looks arent everything
    just because someone is good looking doesnt mean they would not be faithful
    i smell a haterrrr :0

  • robert allen

    Fall in love with just ONE Glance!!! OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Uncle B

    Brazilian model name Lais DeLeon.

  • Clemsonsoldat

    Does anyone know her name?

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