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Staring at a girl in yoga shorts is a good way to spend a Saturday if I do say so myself..

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  • Jay

    Love at first sight!!!

  • Mike

    I want to cum on that ass.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/mountain_duwe M.D.

    in love

  • william olson

    dam i just wanna cum just lookin at that

  • vacheezehead

    God is good

  • Canuckguy

    God is great

  • The BootyWatcher

    Wall Paper material


    it’s not fair.

  • joe

    and THAT, dear friends, is why we come to GIYP!! Thank you, to whoever that great ass belongs to!!

  • tim


  • Aldus Xenon

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Just wow!

  • Yes

    This made up for the last post for sure lol

  • Richard Head

    That ass is my god!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like to thank her parents for creating that prime piece of ass! :D

  • Ward Cleaver

    My heart just skipped a beat. Please, Lord, please have her send some more pics in!

  • diggler

    Legendary status, top notch! I wanna bite that ass!

  • Ryan

    If you guys remember Maegan from one of the GIYP videos where they had her lookin at the latest submissions to the site with the guys and ended with the song WHOOTY after looking at her twice, yeah that belongs to her. She just posted this on her instagram day before yesterday I think.

  • Anonymous

    ur sooo hot i want to fuck that ass till it explodes

  • vinny corcione

    ew thats nasty i like men

  • Co-Dependent

    First thing I saw when I clicked on yogapants link today was this ass. An I swear my heart skipped a beat and my stomach began to burn. I need an ass like that for myself.

  • willie wigglesworth


  • SpeakerOfAllTruths

    I’d like to thank her parents, as well as the person who photoshopped her ass. Faggots.

  • Tint

    Funny how i know whos that is the second i say it. Best ass in the world

  • The Last Universalist

    God exists and this is Her avatar.

  • loki


  • c-love

    Yoga shorts are better than yoga pants.

  • YoungGun


  • t-rex

    The first I do when I see something is say, would you look at that? Just look at it!

  • IloveGIYP

    this is fantastic.

  • http://Write g0black

    Tell her we want more. And we will pay. No price is to steep. I’ll give her my entire check for more. Honest.

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    God bless America.

  • Orange

    Thats mY girlfriend

  • bootydo01

    I would love to cum all in that ass.

  • robert allen

    I would cum three to four time in her asshole!!! K-Y and condome included!!!

  • robert allen

    I would cum three to four time in her asshole!!! K-Y and condome included!!!

  • Jusnotrite

    Looks like my girlfriends ass…lucky me! :-)

  • Iv69

    I wanna lick her ass

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