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Would you believe this babe has a kid? That’s right folks.. she’s a MILF! And we’ve got both high res shots waiting for you after the jump!

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  • Horseflesh

    I like the pants more in a way cause they hug every inch and curve :P , shes cute but need that booty angle.

  • OrangeLantern

    she has enough cover up on to hide a white house scandal

  • johnny

    pants are much more for me they show every fine curve:)

  • Andres

    Yoga shorts are the best and shes rockin ‘em

  • Jagoff

    She’ll have a million more kids when I shoot my unborn children all over her back… #justsayin

  • anon

    WTF is up with her hair? and makeup…and orange skin. This chick is a mess

  • StrokerAce

    “Would you believe this babe has a kid?”

    Yep! Just call me “StrokerAce, father.” And if she wants more, I have seed to spare. ;)

  • Pimp hand

    The girl is too skinny and too unattractive for me to make a fair judgement. Also, that mirror is filthy.

  • George

    Shorts, you can see every line and curve on bare legs too ;) I like her legs especially which is why I go with the shorts.

  • Bob

    In this case — a paper bag!
    (to hide her face and hair or to puke into)

  • DaveG

    Hot damn Id do her.

  • alex

    I’m sure she’s hot but a chick in her 20’s is no milf. What’s up with the photo shop swirling on her forehead

  • alex

    By the way if you look at her tits in the black shirt they are dryer eggs. Look again its all bra. Her tits don’t even fill the bra

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Cute but needs more Ass!! But I will gladly Shoot more Children all over those pretty white teeth!!!!!

  • StrokerAce


    L(ike to)

    Got it? If she has a child, she’s a mother.

  • paul

    i would take either one. i am not picky they both look great to me

  • Ch’booie

    skinny little chicken legs, padded bra, way too much fake tan and make up and hair treatment going on. She looks insecure and uncomfortable. I bet she fucks really quietly and lets you do most of the work.

    But I’ll bet she’s an excellent, attentive mother though and will raise her child to be a fine member of society and not a selfish sociopath at all.

  • Randy

    What a hot, beautiful woman. Wow.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    _______WE NEED ASS SHOTS________!

  • George

    Minus the kind of orange skin, I wouldn’t really care what she wears… I’m sure she’d find a way to make anything look good. Or no clothes would be fun too.

  • WhitePower

    well the whole point of yoga pants/shorts is to show off an ass and this chick ain’t doing that so I can say which is better on her… dumb trick

  • Chris

    Shes exactly the kind of girl I’d expect to have a kid. Nobody should be surprised anymore. anyway, id plow the hell outta her

  • Anonymous
  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    What does having a kid got to do with anything?

  • lilwhitey

    can we get a name???

  • Tony

    This girlfriend is a mess…GIYP needs to stop posting frontals and views like this. Everyone here is here is here to see booty. This chick is too orange, her hair is a mess and her mirror is nasty too which does not help her cause.

  • loki

    D-Bag planet for skelator!!

  • Bootyologist

    WTF? Shes “hot”? LOL. Umm yea…not so much. PASS

  • Mojo

    If you look real close at this bitch’s face in the 1st pic you can see my load under her nose… That is all..

  • Anonymous

    The douche bags saying shes all sorts of fucked up, I’d like to see what kinda heffer you turds claim as “yours”.


    …wish I was the “daddy”. :)

  • cazr

    Dam just wann fck all day long..

  • TL

    Is hat blow ur dried cum underneath her nos?! LoL

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