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The winner is clear.



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  • paul

    i would bury my face into valeria’s ass and keep on pounding her ass until there is no tomorrow

  • StrokerAce

    It’s totally clear between these two asses, but if that left one were in yoga pants, we might have to look a little harder. ;)

  • Mike

    They both look good. But of course that fat ass in yoga pants for the win!


    the ass in those shorts is pretty cute. if the yoga pants ass is busy I’d have no problem taking those shorts off and getting busy!

  • asslicker

    the 1 on the left has a smoother skin its seems but that it hands down on the right but i agree with the other guys it would only fair if they both were wearing yoga pants.

  • illest

    I would still bury my face into the girls ass on the left.

  • SlwSnowman40


    Running shorts or yoga pants….running shorts or yoga pants….running shorts or yoga pants…

    I’m going to have to say it will depend….running shorts can be pulled to the side but the pants would have to be pulled down….

    Who’s got a quarter? I like both and can’t decide between one or the other.

  • Ward Cleaver

    Both please.

  • Johnny Boy

    The shorts win for me ;) always a little freaky when the ass cheek sticks out a bit

  • memebomber

    Guys, the answer is obviously yoga shorts.
    Yoga pants are awesome.
    Running shorts are awesome.
    But yoga shorts are where it’s at.

  • datass

    The one in yoga pants. Obviously :P

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