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Make someone’s day a little better, show them the brand new Yoga Pants Anthem music video! By Boyder&Brain! And finally, T-shirts available at IHeartYogaPants.com!

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  • Jason

    Should have done a slide show with pictures of the best yoga pants asses. That woulda made the Vid 10X better!

  • Ilikebigbutts

    Classic !! Very good, thumbs up to the master who created this !!

  • http://www.pwnchovilla.com SaBu

    Love it! LOL

  • Kid

    Terrible song, sounds like it was made by a four-year-old

  • BroadStreetBully

    Out-f*ckin-standing!!! Only one complaint. The lead girl should have been in white yoga pants…. but you can always do a remix video….please.

  • http://girlroster.com/ Hot Girls

    That’s awesome. Just added to our site and linked it up to your site.

  • George Costanza

    The white girl has got some ass that I want to lick for days straight!

  • Mike

    Im not pissed I watched this. That girl in the pink…well, you know.

  • Scott

    video ain’t bad but what’s with the queer ass ghetto crap music????

  • YoK

    songs not bad, but video is weak…that’s the best butts you could find?? and the butts are barely in the video, mainly just the chicks singing

  • truth

    That was really lame. Girl was ok and song was horrible. More asses and less “artsy” people

  • Spencer

    great theme song! nice video to!

  • StrokerAce

    I had to mute it to watch it. The blonde’s ass was terrific, but I’d have rather seen more of the women’s butts than the douchebags jumping up and down like chimps on the bench.


    That shit was so ‘whitewboy’ lame!!!!

  • BroadStreetBully

    What the hell did you guys expect? A video to win a VMA for best video of the year?? It’s called a parody video. It is not supposed to be innovative or have a good song. Just look at the ass and appreciate a video for the site you visit all the time, idiots!

  • rob

    No heanly enough ass shots .. and the star of the vid shouldve been that one with the white top, she was hot


    Loved the bent over ass shaking, so did girlfriend. Music is a good song to frat to at a dance party full of chicks in leggings.

  • truth

    Barely any ass in the video and a horrible song equals a total fail. No talent involved in this production. Should have been a simple slide show of pics and a catchy song. Learn how to promote!

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  • Anon

    The black and white parts of the video contain a bunch of 3’s…how bout some 10’s in this video.

  • Benny the taxi driver

    You guys saying that this blows have obviously never put anything together before. The chick was hot, the guys were funny, the song was original. Bravo.

  • jacqueline

    gotta say,all the guys raggin on this vid…GO MAKE YOUR OWN!! go on try it, ill give you 10 minutes to think of something clever, not gonna happen moving along! good job guys and dolls! totally original song. love it!!!

  • TonyJ

    I met the man who is the ceo of lululemon. I thanked him when I met him.

  • eh

    lead blonde, not enough ass

  • eddie


  • yuuup

    who are these chicks? anyone hatin on these girls on this video is just silly

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