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  • Kid Salami

    Not a fan of these stupid self shots,but will give her a pass cause it looks like she has the goods :)

  • buttman

    I would like to eat my breakfast off that ass

  • rob

    now this is what it’s all about. great figure, fantastic ass and to top it all off, a VERY cute face and amazing smile!!!

  • loki

    cute face??? look at that snoz!!!!

  • loki

    also man hands. sorry to break it to you, but that’s a male

  • lolipop

    look at her face. shes woman

  • TL

    Awesome pic! GREAT BODY!

    lol, some of u are Fukking retarded. Really wonder how many of u haven’t touched a girl in years.

  • loki is gay
  • larry

    more of this girl please

  • lolipop

    btw, loki is comenting the same shit on all pics.always saying thet girls on pics is guys. Pobobly its coz hes gf was a man realy

  • lol

    is thet normal to mastubate 1-6 times per day, usualy 4 or 5 , ometimes 8-10?

  • lolipop

    did someone notice wheres her right hand?

  • chrispis

    @lolipop dude, that’s her stomach! :P

  • Anonymous

    i would nail this chick into next week. nice ass and then some

  • StrokerAce

    Loki likes his men to have tits that big, as he’s never seen a woman who looks like that. He’s used to being manhandled by his fatassed uncles.

    Meanwhile, this brunette with the tight yet squeezable ass cheeks should sit on my underwear’d lap and wriggle ’til I bust a nut. That’s all I’d need to be happy. ;)

  • Jay


  • George Costanza

    This girl is very hot, I like her body and face. If I could get a girlfriend like this then …. what the heck be realistic George!! I cant never get a girl because im stupid!!!! :(((

  • Yes

    I would sleep all in that pussy

  • the goat

    such a sexy sexy pretty little thing.

  • Horseflesh

    Looks a little dilopalated, would like a backside shot sweety, u know theres apps to have a timer on your camera that way u don’t have to hold it.

  • http://facebook irven

    I think if I look in da dictionary under “sexi” I have a feelin this pic will be rite thur..*dats just fuckin sexxxi*

  • ass crammer

    That looks like Heather Cole

  • Ryan

    Wow, I love how this was stolen off of my friends facebook page… I smell a lawsuit coming…

  • StrokerAce

    HAHAHAHA @ Ryan! Once it’s posted in a public domain area such as Facebook, it’s not “stolen.” LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

  • George Costanza

    hahaha Ryan I printed this picture on a advertisement for a club down here sue me baby im filled with monopoly dollars you american boy!!!!!!! btw this girl should be my wife.

  • jack

    Very nice!!!

  • JD

    Hey Ryan, she looks like she’s stacked too. Can you confirm your friend has huge tits to go along with that nice ass?

  • jimny

    Whooo is she wow

  • cazr

    Dam she has nice ass to fck her all nite long and left some cum on her pussy to.. I love girls on grey yoga pants. wear all the time..

  • loki

    Well you see guys, those of us who actually have women in our lives develope what is know as taste. Those who dont are forced to slobber over pics of photoshopped, tranvestites or what ever. I guess when your stuck with just you and your hand it really doesn’t matter. My advice is to go out there and meet some girls, talk to them. You just might find it’s not that scarey. Good Luck!!!

  • shawn

    that looks like julie w so fuckin hot

  • Zman

    How in gods green earth dose she not have a ring on her finger!I’d sell my sole for that!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Despite the beak i would destroy that healthy booty. But then i read the comments and start to wonder if that’s really a dude. Aroused and confused yet again. Thanks for nothing GIYP.

  • BGFR658

    Very nice!

  • ian

    nice exotic booty

  • Carnage

    Nice ass, cute smile… thumbs up!

  • Jone

    I will have to agree with lollipop somethings not right about this chick..am not sure if she is a man neither am i sure if she is a woman

  • shrtnprty

    sorry to burst yalls bubble this is very much photo shoped look at the silhoutte it showa she has a big belly…hmmm if ur gonna PS ur picture look at every angle hahahah

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com c


  • Jusnotrite

    I’d tear her a new asshole with my “yoga cock”.

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