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GIYP fan Krystyn sent in this shot of an outfit she wore to work. Her co-workers were pretty stoked and told her to submit to our site. I think that’s sexual harassment, but this girl is a team player!


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  • tekkkkkkkkkk

    needs a better angle


    Her~ass means business

  • Jtc

    More angles please

  • sxl

    How do her organs even fit in her torso?

  • Some guy

    Gotta remove the jacket babe!


    it’s a trap.

  • LOnGCOCKSilver

    I’ll put my shit right threw that ass. Bad angle.

  • MJChappell

    What ass? She needs to show more

  • Jason

    Bad angle, and the shirt needs to be lifted up off the booty. Amateur.

  • The Real Ryan

    Waiting on Nelson Monts… I’ll beat him to it, it’s Nelson Muntz dude, get it right if you’re gonna troll.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Not bad but we need more!

  • NYR36

    WTF is with the camera?

  • Chris

    Real nice!

  • StrokerAce

    If I were her boss, her employment would depend on wearing yoga pants every day.

    And yoga pants would be the standard uniform for every hot female in my employ. :D

  • Scott

    Too bad we really can’t see her ass, it looks prime. She needs to resubmit a new pic with a better angle, no shirt pulled down over her ass (that is a stupid thing chicks do, looks ridiculous) and she needs to lose the jacket.

    Seeing her face wouldn’t hurt either.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Very Sexy!

  • Ed

    so very nice! sweet perfection

  • Brandon

    very nice pic but no hip and to tiny :/

  • idahogiyplover

    how could her co-workers concentrate with a perfect ass like that, I know I couldn’t

  • Nash

    i’d bang her

  • El

    Looks too frail. Somebody get an emergency triple whopper combo over to that house. No seriously, after she has a kid she will be the perfect size. I can damn near bet the house on it.

  • shane

    I would love to cram my cock up her ass, and give her a wedgie with no hands

  • bangbang

    photoshopped look at the couch and her back

  • Jeephreak

    I wouldn’t mind working with eye candy like that. Could use a better angle but it still looks fine by me.

  • djdj500

    She’d bang me.

  • Eddie

    She’s thin and has a nice ass, lets see a better angle?

  • mike

    Sick u need to eat more girl

  • Davis

    Good Lord

  • Baguito

    Krystyn listen to everyone over here and send more pic, your doing great ;)

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