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It’s kind of obvious that a woman’s derriere ages nothing like wine — it generally does not get better with age. However, rules are meant to be broken and with that being said, the woman pictured above is described as being “almost 40″. She refused to submit the picture herself, but her friend writes:

I told my friend that she should post her pic on the site. She said “no way, I am almost 40 and no one wants to see my butt.” I said that isn’t true, I thought people would like seeing her in yoga pants.I told her that I thought the feedback would be positive – she reluctantly agreed to give it a try. So what do you think?

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  • a679591

    that ass is not 40 yrs old… that could easily be a 20-25 yr old ass

  • BoB

    The only people who don’t want to see this are jealous fat ugly women! Not only am I in love with the sweet ass of an almost 40yr old woman, I’m digging the camel toe too ;)

  • Joe

    Wow! That is nice! Agree with the first commenter. That ass does not look 40 yrs old. You put some of those 20 year old girls to shame.

  • Victor

    WOW dont be ashamed we like pictures like that here. if you honestly are 40 you have the body of a 25-year old woman wow!

  • StrokerAce

    “Almost 40″ is the new HOLY CRAP, WHAT A GREAT ASS!

    A most gracious and heartfelt “Thank you” to, ummm, “her friend” for sending the pics. And now where are yours? :D

  • Allan

    Will she marry me?

  • StrokerAce

    Crap, I’m assuming the friend is a female too. Am I right? (Please let me be…)

  • juggnuttz

    holy crap am i in love….. this is gonna do nicley for later.

  • space cowboy

    Wine me, dine me come on and sixty nine me….DAAAAAMN!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/457527366 Alejandro, fan of CJ

    Holy Mix-a-lot, that ass is beyond great! Seriously, good job GIYP site guy on the clever reveal. I saw the cameltoe was like, “Oh, this looks good! But the backside will probably be a let-down.” Can you imagine my excitement when I saw that bubbly piece of near-40 year-old booty? This is stupendous; give that woman a medal.

  • Aaron

    Wow… do you have any more photos, cause i could spend my whole day admiring not only your perfect ass but the rest of your hot body. Very nice… :)

  • Mike

    I wish that were all women around 40…

  • monkey

    very nice! Not a day over 36 years old but very very nice indeed! :)

  • Jae Cortez

    try 23 year old…no 40 year old ass looks like that.I should know!

  • Just Bob

    I think she is mor like 20 years old not 40. Butt I ejoyed her camel toe!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Very Nice!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Yea, that body looks 24…

  • john

    Damn. That is a fine piece of ass.

  • K

    she wears her pants a little high but other wise fantastic

  • gmjam

    i hope my fiance looks like that when she gets towards 40 damn i know 20 somethings that dont look like that id love to see what the tits look like its a great ass and a camel toe is an awesome bonus.

  • Oogle

    With an ass and sweet box like that my guess is that you aren’t an almost 40 year old virgin.

  • Ed

    Dear almost 40
    Believe me you look great, super, fab,stupendous,both ways coming and going thanks for the very fine pics.

  • blarg


  • Alex

    Bootyful…. gorgeous stomach and seem like you have a good head on your shoulders…

  • brewmaster58

    Almost 40? Yeah, I don’t think so. Fine ass, and and equally nice camel toe!

  • Darrin

    ONe of the finest asses on this website! That young lady is fine as HELL for being almost 40!

  • beermonster06

    good god good arse good camel toe…..not sure bout those curtains though

  • Chuck

    who care how old it is? That is an awsome ass

  • Damnright

    A camel toe and a hot booty. Heaven is on Earth!

  • PauL


  • AAN

    Good lord have mercy…….she has a WONDERFUL body.. Very sexy….very nice…..ummmmmm umm umm

  • ironmike

    Nice pictures. I especially like her belly! I could bury my face in that rear for a week…

  • jephro

    Nice indeed, I can believe that is a 40 year body. A body that has been well taken care of, treated like a temple.

  • en kyoo

    That is a sweet ass and camel toe. It makes me hungry

  • Matty

    Damn, that’s an AMAZING ass!!!!!

  • Mike C

    Her ass is amazing along with the rest of her body. Her bf/husband is one lucky man

  • Richard Head

    That’s a nice body no matter the age!

  • Steve

    My jaw dropped when I saw the first pic, then again when I saw the second! You look amazing!!

  • wyrmwrath@yahoo.com

    As long as she isnt mentally unstable I would move her into her own place at my expense and make her a well kept woman!

  • Yo Mama’s Mama

    I would love to tap that ass. I would tear that ass up.

  • R

    Great ass! We need more pictures!!!!!

  • Harry Jackass

    I have the deer in the headlight look! WoW!! Perfect!

  • GoCanes

    I like… four DAMNs.

    Also, outie navels creep me out. Just sayin’.

  • Redneckbiker

    Damn that’s a nice ass o yah and the camel toe is even nicer

  • Flux

    Yes she has a very lovely rear and a stomach ya wanna cook eggs on, but I’m sorry, I’m calling BS on the almost 40 part. Too many key features that don’t show signs what so ever, lets see some ID.

    (before you fuckin flamers attack me, its just a ploy to get her name and address lol )

  • http://facebook trickydix

    Toe is working

  • Kevlair

    Hmmm I’m still on the fence. I think maybe you should come over so I can get a taste test, I mean check it out for myself.

  • Lizzy

    Holy hot ass. I like what I see here. I would like some of that. Yes.

  • Ted

    She is one fine-looking cougar is her claim to be 40 is true.

  • Moe Dirt

    The ass is nice…the camel toe is even better

  • 1970

    Thanks all for the heart?felt and sincere comments! Ya’ll have made not just my day or week… but my decade! Yes, I actually will be 40 in September. As one of you guessed, I’m not a “nearly 40 year old virgin.” In fact, I have 3 kids!

    And, yes, the person who took these is lucky… More pictures to come…

  • Ninny

    I love to look at camel toe!!!

  • Rich

    Wow!!!! Is she single??? I thought the front was nice but Damn! That is one nice ass! Why would she ever need a confidence boost?

  • Jenni

    I’d be pissed that you posted a picture of me on the internet of me in yoga pants and a camel toe. Nice ass though!

  • Man

    That just might be one of the nicest pics on this site. And that’s coming from a 26 year old dude who’s seen literally every pic here. Would love to gently go around the world with her building to a ferocious appreciation of not only that ass but the whole damn package.

    Damn, woman, your rock hard body just made me hella rock hard.

  • http://google msu

    i give that a 100 out of 10

  • whatthef

    roast beef!

  • Howie

    Very nice!

  • boydoiwantit

    Best pic on here. I’m 23 and would love to do many things to you, and wonder if you would like to return that favor.

  • dave

    after i stopped looking at that ninja trying to eat its way out of those pants i was grossed out by that thing coming out of her belly button.

  • rob

    roast beef

  • ralphiec954

    yes that is a super nice ass and camel toe, She can GET IT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Detroit.T Turo

    40 or not, Id be alllllllll in that!

  • Joe

    all that ass and a great camel toe… DAMN !

  • O

    I….would….tear….that….up…I’d eat it all

  • juicy j

    that is a fine ass. dont see one that good on most under 40

  • Billy

    I’d rather look at the “toe”….

  • alex suckwell

    Nice cunt cud eat that all day woooooow

  • jeter0474

    OMG you look very nice 2 b 40

  • E

    wow… amazing ass very very hard to believe your almost 40 puts alot of 20 year olds to shame

  • http://GirlsinYogaPants Johnny Rodriguez

    Damn, baby! Facebook me! I’m almost 40 too! I’d love to be freaky with you!

  • dano

    Who cares about her age with a body like that and a perfect camel toe? I’d be all up in that every single night…

  • LogJammin

    Oh. My. God.

  • Guest

    Great Ass. Way better than most young girls.

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