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I’ve always been a fan of white yoga pants but we’d like to know your favourite! Keep going for the enlarged shot and let us know in the comments..

Submitted by Jeff M, he requested we credit Reddit user “seconddealer”.

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  • chrismedschool

    smack em!

  • sleazyduck

    awesome ass with a hint of duckface

  • StrokerAce

    I don’t have a favorite color of yoga pants as long as the ass looks like that! :D

  • diggler

    Agreed, body is a dime piece

  • Sy Brrrr

    She looks like Fiona from Shameless, and that’s a “good” thing.

  • battousai1

    Wow!! I’d fuck this girl till’ she got amnesia!

  • cazr

    I love her ass i wanna fck her right now..

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I’m cumming I’m cumming monster fucking load!!!

  • Girl

    Some girls just have it all.

  • Wiggle Man

    I’d above my cock so far up her ass it’d come our of her mouth.

  • Wiggle Man


  • Gentleman

    I’d like to buy her a nice dinner, and talk about her day.

  • Yes

    Im loving that ass, I’ll fuck her the right way

  • weez

    She kinda looks like Emmy Rossum from Shameless.

  • bigdickcomingatya

    Here comes the BOOM!

  • Rick nelson

    These girls don’t realize how much their asses get eye fucked the shit out of

  • joe

    LOL at “gentleman”

    Rick nelson? Um, i bet they do, which is why they submit them.

    And she’s got a dope lil body!

  • c-love

    Nice in black and white. I want to see it in color

  • Anonymous
  • Crazed!
  • Crazed!
  • Crazed!

    I want to feel that ass and smack it all night mmmmmm

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    looks like fun. id get in there

  • Mr.

    Wow would eat that ass

  • Jusnotrite

    I wanna smack it and squeeze and never let go…

  • ronny

    She has a very good looking face

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