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On Monday we asked followers of @GirlsInYogaPant who had the best ass on Twitter, and thanks to GIYP fan @abdullah_bitar, we found this beautiful booty belonging to his friend @SabresBaby448 – a 23 year old GIYP who’s not afraid to show off her assets. If you like what you see, reach out to her on Twitter and let her know you want more! Or, if you’re following a girl with an awesome booty, let her know about our search.. because who doesn’t love seeing someone they know on Girls In Yoga Pants?

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  • StrokerAce

    What a coincidence! I am also looking for the best female ass on Twitter…and I don’t even have a Twitter page! :D :D :D

  • first


    yeah i’m always first bitch

    example of lame comments that make me come back to bring this site to glory… the one above.

    anyway, whats this?

    Thats not even a greag ass. are we just posting ANY ass in here now? Come on guys! We must have a standard.

    you even make me waste my time by going to her twitter account to find no other pics of her ass.

    just blabbing nonsense like other 20 year old bimbo attention whores.


    As you leader, best in the world and quality control director, this sad ass gets my sweet tiny mushroom stamp of…

    P A S S

    If you’re gonna look for fhe best asses on twitter then do so… but if the pic above is what you’re looking for then twitter is worse than i thought.

    disciples, nothing to see here. move along. dont wake up your tiny dicks for this ass.

  • bootyologist


  • Reck

    Yeah First is right. If you’re looking for the best ass on Twitter than this isn’t it. Keep on the search scrah

  • Dr Joel

    Best ass or fattest, most cottage-cheesey jiggly ass?

  • first

    Agreed Reck.

    finally a person with self respect and standards here on the site. (Besides my disciples, that is)

    I’m pretty sure Twitter has more great looking ass than this one

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Iheartbigloads

    Thanks first. I won’t pull out my mushroom head for this one

  • first

    That’s what I’m here for my child.

    I sacrifice myself for you. so you know with 100% certainty that an ass is worth waking up your tiny docks for.

    I have my disciples’ back… and I know they have mine too.

    you’re welcome

  • first

    tiny dicks*

    Damn you auto-correct!!

  • AssGrader69

    average ass nothing special..

  • http://eatmyass fuck you first

    @first – the only lame ass comments are yours

    and you’re barely ever first

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