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The weed smoker’s holiday is coming up, and we are giving away one of our GIYP t-shirts to whoever sends in the best pic of a girl in yoga pants smoking weed. Send in your pic HERE to enter. To qualify, the pic must be sent in before 4/20 and it needs to be of a girl in yoga pants smoking/holding/doing something with marijuana. We will choose the winner and notify you via email and on the website.




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  • StrokerAce

    I wanna fuck the chicks in those pics. :P

  • Reck

    I dont advocate this type of things.

  • Heinz

    Looks like a dry turd on a phone.

  • Kyle

    Really? This site is associating itself with drug use? Screw you, I hate junkies, and here I am on a site that is now affiliating itself with that kind of crap.

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  • Neal

    The dog wants to do her doggie style…..

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