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This GIYP fan writes:

I need your input. I’m 6 foot tall, big-boned, and curvy. I have been called “Amazon” many times throughout my life. While I find that term derogatory, not all people do. I would appreciate your honest opinions on my yoga pants, and what’s in them. ;)

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  • conscientiousobserver

    i don’t think the first photo does your booty justice. definitely spankable. nice hips, too

  • John

    BTW Tall girls are hot!

  • RB

    I’d hit it.

  • Stratman

    Second pic is definately the better of the two. i think they look great on you. i’m tall and i love tall women too.

  • Vic

    @john yes i agree Tall girls are pretty hot and wow you got a body whoever said those HARSH words is insecure about themselves

  • rexhymen

    please dont take the term “amazon” as derogatory….it is a label of some male’s fantasy of this planet of tall women taking us over…….very sexy!

  • GoCanes

    Tall girls aren’t for everybody. That said, I’m not one of those people! As for the “Amazon” comments, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the mythology of Amazonian women portray them as tall and beautiful (despite being warriors)? I’m not a mythology buff, so I may be wrong here, but that was always the connotation I took of the word.

    Eh, either way. All we know from this is that, taking into account what little we can see, you have a good body.

  • http://facebook david

    loks odd shaped

  • Quin

    My wife and I both agree there is nothing wrong and everything right about what you posted. I also agree that the term amazon is defined as tall and beautiful. Keep posting!

  • steve

    VERY NICE I love tall women would love to that ass without the pants though and a full body shot pic

  • JZa


  • bigguy

    nice very very nice

  • who

    Looks great, and tall is very sexy. Oh, and to “david”…your HEAD looks odd shaped :(

  • Rick

    A six-footer with a bum like that? I’d be happy to walk behind you up a flight of stairs any day!

  • Zach

    You’ve got a great ass honey. I would do yoga more often if a girl with a muffin ass like yours be in front of me. Especially Bikram..YOWZA!!

  • yogapantsfan

    May I climb you? :)

  • Leo

    Tall, curvy women are hot. Amazon is a super complement. Own it. You’re gorgeous.. at least from waist down lol

  • ralphiec954

    tall chicks are definetly hot! i think we need to see some more pics of that tall behind. what does everybody think?

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • wimbo57

    agrees with GoCanes…and we need more pics or a friend request on fb…

  • john

    i’d do you…:)

  • Andrew Fiachra

    You look very good in them!! Be proud of yourself !
    I would be in heaven if you were my girlfriend!

  • Alec

    Your booty is freakin’ sexy!

    Being over 6 feet tall myself, I like taller women.

  • will

    let us see those tall sexy legs

  • John

    I think the girl is fishing for comments !
    Come on now, no mater what she is fine and anyone who has issues
    with you is a dumb ass and superficial in the fist place.

    Fine, fine, FINE !!

    I always loved tall woman, more play ground to roam !!

  • Mike C

    I have a amazon woman, she is 6ft even and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. From the pics i see you have an amazing body and should show it off, and like GoCanes said Amazonian women where known fro thee beauty, height and strength so I would take it as a complement. :)

  • Charles Snarkley

    Decent figure. Don’t really look all that big-boned.

  • StrokerAce

    Wonder Woman is an Amazon. Any questions? Good, because you are 6 full feet of HOTTTTTT!!! :D

    (And I can only tell the truth, even without the golden lasso.)

  • Jon

    I think you look absolutely amazing in those yoga pants!!!

  • StrokerAce

    Let’s make the “offensive” name more complimentary: she is now known as “ASStonishing Amazon.”

    See? It’s a compliment now, and I wish you were in bed with me right now so I could compliment you further. :)

  • mark johnson

    Yeah my last g/f was 6′ and I loved those long legs when I was pinning them behind her ears.Got a feeling I would enjoy that quite a bit with you too,very nice :)

  • Blair

    I need some ass to face resusitation

  • K

    Wonder woman was Amazonian I think and I would do her to

  • Darrin in Indy

    Beautiful body! I’m 6’7″ myself & I love tall women (my wife’s 5’10”).

  • http://GIYP Mark

    Very nice, I too would like to see a pic of the total package.

  • jayboogie

    I love your shape! Tall and fit good lord, your My dream come true. I love your booty its perfect I dont think I could keep My hands off.

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  • Knot Ewe

    I am a 6’4″ man………… You look perfect! Change nothing!

  • Needy Me

    You can be my Amazon any ole day!!!

  • Jeff

    I’m 6 ft 3 and i think tall girls are hot, especially with a body like that. :)

  • Marty

    I would suck a fart out of your ass and hold it like a bong hit.

  • Billy Ray

    Definitley hot! I like it ~ post some more :-D



  • Coolhand

    I think I would worship that ass for as long as you would let me!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants Bootylover

    Dat ass is hot girl fuck I just jerked off over it

  • Jorge Cortez

    Are you single? I like them tall and curvy!

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