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This GIYP fan is all the way from Poland! I just got back from vacation, but it seems I’ve already picked out my next destination – that booty. Make the jump for the enlarged shot!


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  • DiGuM

    It’s ok. Need a few different angles to be sure.

  • RB

    Someone getting inventive with Photoshop again?

  • Durdy Burdy

    I would eat that asshole out alllll night…and that’s for SURE. No doubt!

  • GoCanes

    Well, if nothing else, it’s a big ass. Might need more angles to tell just how good it is but first glance says it’s a “yeah I’d pee in her butt” one!

  • Bocca

    polish broads have stank boxes, this one looks extra stinky.. i like the ass though…..just need to hose her down….

  • Maestro716

    your behind + my face = HEAVEN!!!

  • Vic

    yeah everyone is asking for more angles so lets see some more to make our decision

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99



    I would take that round mound to pound town…

  • BDI’s

    I can tell ya, Polish wimmen have some nice asses. ‘Cause my GF is a Polish babe who loves wearing Yoga pants. And I’m a lucky bastard. (And she ain’t got a stank box. She’s become wise to the ways of water and soap. Heh!)

    This pic is–… Nice… A nice, big, round ass. Daddy like!

  • Marco

    Oh my…yes…yes…YES!

  • Rhino

    Polish girls always have the nicest rear ends. No questions asked. This is a perfect example that thing looks nice and plump.


  • Mike
  • Pigpen

    No need to make the jump for the larger photo…unless it’s a link to Google Earth. Christ, you can see this shaved elephant from space!

  • jzajza

    someone send these broke chicks a good camera for eff sakes..i want to see some ass in high def!

  • fuxs_polish_chixs

    Niech pana Bóg błogosławi!

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    O.K. babe, please take the paints off, let me lube you up really good and give you a anal stretch!!!

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