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“Took this when I worked at a liquor store in a college town. I have more, so sit back an enjoy.” -Dre          I doubt it’s the doctor that snapped this creep shot, but check out how weird this butt looks.

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  • Brandon

    i’d definitly still do it. and i wanna see more of these supposed photos.

  • R

    Nothin wrong with that ass

  • SpanxHisMonkeyDaily

    Not too weird. The shirt’s pulled down too low is all. I’d tap it.

  • JuggNuttz

    that ass is amazing…..

  • Moe Dirt

    Nice ass. She just has a BIG GAP as we used to call it back in the day.

  • David

    I agree! It is totally weird! Flat too.

  • That Same Internet Jerk

    Not weird… it’s just small and tight… probably Asian.

  • the one who knows

    i would recognize that anywhere! she was great in bed, she can come back and lick my groove any time!

  • John

    It would look good bent over..

  • D

    It would look GREAT naked and ALL over my dick!!!

  • Tundra dweller

    Bare back riding anyone…… giddy up….

  • bleh

    Too small

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