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  • Jay


  • E

    Lord have mercy

  • http://Www.$2$3$.com Bill

    She is pretty cool.

  • Tok

    I want her to crush my head with those monster thighs then masturbate using my blood as the lub

  • das-animal

    id like to give real work out of a diff kind this weekend

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    very nice

  • Nutsy Rail

    workin hard for results and sh*t

  • Two Crude Dudes

    Now that is impressive. Hot damn!!

  • hitman

    pretty in pink..

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer


  • Joe

    The pic is from the side cause he tucked his penis up and didn’t want anybody to notice.

  • George Costanza

    I would deport this chick and walk away with skinny white bitches

  • Lil Big Person

    Front AND back!

  • feed

    its been shopped.

    googleimage search it

  • StrokerAce

    She appears to regularly work every inch of her lovely body. Now I want a crack at that. ;)

  • T_N_A

    I would fuck her asshole until her rectum prolapsed.

  • StrokerAce

    I took feed’s advice and he (she?) is correct about the ‘Shopwork. However, after gazing upon the unaided photo, I stand by the statement I made before.

  • Rio

    That is porn star Tanner Mayes. This pic is also shopped but does not mean its not nice to look at.

  • StrokerAce

    I agree, Rio. The ‘Shopping done here was barely noticeable, but as usual, it still wasn’t necessary.

  • Frank Costanza

    Happy Festivus for the rest of us, and hump all the yoga pantied babes of the world….

  • StrokerAce

    Frank, how’s Estelle and her back these days? Did she catch that unemployed kid of yours whacking off to “Glamour” again?

  • Frank Costanza

    Estelle is hot to trot in yoga pants right now. But only when George is away. He takes creep shots of her.

  • George Costanza

    @Frank Costanza Hi dad, how you been? meant to call you but i been busy trying to keep up on the P90X. Tell mom when I visit over the summer to bake me some hot fudge.

  • yo ma!

    def pull her hair sooo hard when hittin it from the back she gon be lookin at the ceiling screamin in tongue

  • George Costanza

    its saturday night spent it in my moms basement with a bottle of lube and my left fat hand

  • Mr. S

    I said ooh lala and thank you m’aam! would love for her to lean back like that on the shaft and give her a booty workout at the same time.

  • Chris

    WOW! SUPER hott!

  • Yoga Guy

    Oh my…just wonderful!

  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    Just like Andrea True Connection:


  • http://aol Buddy Roe


    Figures! This site is so FAKE!

  • yeahnaht

    streetcakes is NOt better than this site. sorry Reggie. that site is only good if you want to look at overweight ugly fat bitches. once a week they have one decent girl on there.
    with that being said, even tho this is a shoop, id still hit the original

  • adlyia

    And to all you guys thinking about getting married… This is what’s referred to as a “Before” picture. Yeah, yeah, I know… Yours is different. Newsflash! No she isn’t!

  • george costanza

    I’d duck her with a dumbbell first so she’d het used to the size. Then I’d really let loose with the real deal.

  • Wa-diddy

    Check out the thighs.

  • George

    Damn, perfection!!

  • RED

    Never understand why people find pudgy thighs sexy. She needs to be working on those thunder thighs.

  • fastbreak99

    love it


    RED – and you need to be working on your manliness… if you need twig legs and a tiny body, you’re probably lacking severely in the equipment department. This is a woman for a real man.

  • D?????

    tell’em GREEN,RED doesn’t know what hes missing humping those lil boy body bitches

  • Cliz Monstre


  • MG

    Actually this photo may not be the one photoshopped. When you Google image this you can find one that is definitely ‘shopped on a site called Flawless Fitness….

  • Jusnotrite

    Tanner Mayes is fuckin hott…I’d bang her like the operator she is…

  • Jusnotrite


  • Jusnotrite


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