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Here we have what may be two of the best pictures we’ve ever seen in our lives. These two girls in yoga pants are both members of our Hall Of Fame, but we can’t decide which one we like more. It’s up to you to vote and decide which one of these great asses is greater — left or right? Today is a very important day where you get to voice your opinion on which one of these hot chicks is hotter. Cast your vote in the comments today.


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  • Ch’booie

    Isn’t that the photoshopped one from a while back?

  • The Last Universalist

    The one in red is hotter.

  • Mrdatruthhurts

    I vote #1 three times

  • Micha


  • G Spot Finder

    White wins handsdown. Nice gap too.

  • Ass Splash

    #1 if its not shopped

  • Dizzy D

    #1 Hands down. Great ass!! White is REALLY nice to, but I think the belt is throwing me off.

  • RealityCheck

    White is Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ward Cleaver

    I vote red but I’d be happy with either. I love America!!

  • Dick

    Why not let us compare #2 to an ass that hasn’t been shopped? #1 doesn’t even exist!

    Look at the door, it’s bent in the middle…

  • Scooter Doo

    #2 all day everyday

  • Big_Willy

    #1 all day, everyday…

  • Jay

    I have to say #2 … But I feel bad cuz #1 is AMAZING also! If #1 were wearing white I might switch!

  • StrokerAce

    Yes, #1 is the Photoshopped/expanded version of an otherwise still very sexy ass, rendering the “need” for ‘Shopping it utterly pointless.

    With that in mind, I’m calling this a draw and would like it settled by the two combatants—ummm, candidates in a pool of chocolate pudding. I will referee the proceedings. In that pool. ;)

  • DannyDarko

    I vote #1 but 2nd place in this case is far from a consolation prize.

  • paul

    i cannot decide between these two. but the red one is the best one. the one in white, what is with the belt action.

  • iloveyogapants

    uhh #1 no doubt about it. the white one sucks

  • Jim

    left for sure

  • Yoga Guy

    Red, red, red…for sure.

  • RJ1817

    1st one

  • troutslap

    i vote for red

  • andrew

    #1 or the red pants is my choice.

  • Bassie

    Number 1 is a guy. We photoshopped his dick off amd wanted to see what everyone would say!
    Everyone who chose number one could throw up now.

  • Larry

    #1 is indeed photoshopped and entirely unnecessary as the original was HOF worthy already.

  • iLikeYogaPants


  • Assmasster

    They’re both glorious but #1 has nice legs to go with the ass

  • CJ

    1st pic!

  • CJ

    1st pic!

  • Robert

    Number 1 and it’s not even close cause it has the thighs to match!

  • Yogapantsman

    RED for shure

  • bws

    I love them both, to me it’s a dead heat.

  • byron weisson s

    My vote is for the brown

  • MZA

    #1 is ‘shopped. The left cheek is twice the size of the right one. And the door looks wonky also.
    It’s a shame that most of these people voted for a fake ass over a real one….

  • Richard Head

    #1 is better photoshopped or not.

  • http://www.HitachiMagic.com HitachiMagic.com


  • Randy

    #1 the red, for sure.

  • dfbs

    the red pants by a mile! honestly, i don’t even understand how the other one got into the hall of fame. Caompared to most pics on this site that picture should be considered average, not hof.

  • Goosepher

    #1 duh

  • Walker

    #2 for sure i love the gap !!!

  • hashi


  • bollokid

    #1 most DEFF!!!!

  • Max

    Red pants all day.

  • Nar

    #1. If not shopped. Also I don’t really dig creepshots.

  • Liu

    #2 I’d hit that all day long

  • JJ

    Definitely white on the right

  • anonymous


  • BKS

    Gotta go with white. White yoga pants = instant wood.

  • Real Ass Lover

    Too many “fake” asses! Number Two in white is real! These bubble butts are not attractive, or real. Number Two all the way!

  • nate

    white legging absolutely

  • queleon1989

    White hands down ..that’s what you would call a perfect ass
    look at her nice gap…you know that snapper is tight

  • Big Al

    #1 without a doubt – – Epic! Now about the one on the right, eh it’s ok, but quite average.

  • datass

    Number 1 completely destroys number 2. This is not even a contest! Number 1 is just absolutely perfect, and the way it connects to the thighs… my god, I’d slap that ass all night long.

  • jason

    one in the red is way hotter shes got a big juicy booty

  • Deon

    Big Booty in the red love her ass,lululemon yoga pants fit her ass right she wears it well.What a booty.

  • monkeedluffy

    The white is FRIGGIN HOT!!! She’s tiny wit a booty.

  • Bigbootyholic

    #1 no doubt.

  • C.T.

    #1 all day!!!!!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants Jason

    How do you know that 1 is photoshopped

  • George

    No contest white is best

  • George

    No contest white is so hot

  • http://christopherfitzgeraldtv.wordpress.com Christopher


  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Gilbert

    The page reads choose the photo 1 or 2 as best look. I choose photo #2.

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