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Some people call them yoga shorts, some people call them volleyball shorts.. The name isn’t important to us, the only thing we care about is the booty bursting out of them.. Check out this champion!

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  • Balls


  • GIYPfan

    Now THAT is a fantastic booty! I guarantee that ass looks amazing walking around…nice and firm no bloated jello ass here! A+!

  • Dat Guy


  • Justin

    Photoshop… Effin gay

  • thatguysaidit

    Looks photoshopped…

  • thisguy

    i wanna hug it

  • http://blah joe

    damn, thats a sexy ass right there.

  • seansoloxxx


  • Conan

    Holy mother of fuck. I’m not even going to try to make some sort of silly pun or metaphor for how badly i want get up close and personal with that ass. My god.

  • TardStrength

    I wish this wasn’t fake

  • BilLy bob

    If thats real, incredible!! But prob photoshopped

  • Diesel

    You should give credit to that impressive student athlete, I’d luv to follow her tweets. Maybe the best ass I’ve ever seen on here

  • Barbarian

    There’s no way that’s reall. Look at her torso, no hips, then goes into ass? Don’t think so.. The thought is nice though

  • Barbarian

    There’s no way that’s reall. Look at her torso, no hips, then goes into ass? Don’t think so.. The thought is nice though

  • Kelly


  • ducey!

    That is a work of art, crafted by years of hard work. I applaud it and would like to play a set with it

  • Capt. Blackfoot

    OMG, that is amazing!

  • aceable

    Fake for sure but I wish an ass like that could just sit right on my face

  • Eric

    Sit on my face and I’ll guess your weight.

  • JP

    This is an excellent example for us today. Note the flatter booty in the background to excentuate the ginormous fit booty in the foreground. Photoshoped, possibly, but being a former college athlete and seeing similar booties, I say nay. This is the real deal.

  • Ben Dover

    Gym teacher, a wise career choice!!

  • JBlkstone

    A tear just trickled down my face. That is….(wait for it…) one EPIC ASS!!!

  • mrmajordamage

    Normally I don’t comment on the booty, but that ass is amazing!

  • Dan


    Although, I’m sure there are women with similar “real” shapes. This one is however fake.

  • El

    This is the first ever PhotoShop transplant, where instead of just increasing her ass size, they cut both ass cheeks off the poor chick on the left.

  • Laurence


  • http://www.florida-bankruptcy-laws.net/bankruptcy-filings/ Matt

    That is an awesome ass for sure, is it real though? My boner is..

  • deehypno

    You can see its not photoshop just by her little stomach and thigh. All proportional fellas. Stop hating and enjoy. I am!!!

  • http://www.florida-bankruptcy-laws.net/ Greg Law

    Sweet, let’s rock this ass…

  • Ch’booie

    Oh. My. God.

  • MelbarMelbar

    I would set up a diving board next to the bed, lay her down on her belly, then dive face first into that ass!

  • bootywatcher33

    wish it was real

  • zurich

    Wow! Not Michelangelo, nor Caravaggio, nor Leonardo Da Vinci hath crafted such a perfect ass. There be only one reasonable response: Nom Nom Nom :)

  • Fitzy

    The only reason I think this is fake is the giant right thigh, it just doesn’t look right to me, but I did enjoy it while it lasted

  • tom

    I would love to remove those shorts and lick whats covered by them….Damn nice ass!!!!!

  • larry

    its definitely fake. i’ve seen the original photo. google volleyball booty, click the bleacherreport link, its the 12th picture. still a nice ass, even without the photoshop.

  • Robert

    Why can’t this be real


  • jack


  • DrDoak

    Use tineye, and you will see the original, unedited pic.

  • drewa

    Fake! Actual right here, personally I think its better as a legitimate photo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    by far its shoped lol

  • Meh

    Photoshoped. Right leg looks mutated

  • StrokerAce

    DrDoak is correct: this photo has been enhanced. Goddamnit…..

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com hitokiribattousai1

    Demz sum meaty thighs!!!

  • RED

    That nasty ass needs to see a doctor STAT!

  • TheRealAssMan

    You losers who think that is fake can kiss my ass! That ass is a thing of beauty.

  • http://1d3cay.tumblr.com V

    If you use TinEye, you can find the original, unedited photo and her ass actually looks even better in the original.

  • JB

    To the guy who said her ass is fit….NOT. Maybe if she worked out a little and cut off like 5 lbs of it. There’s a difference between fit and fat

  • okyeame venson

    MY GOD!!

  • dontLikeFakes

    photoshoped but nice pic :-)

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