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Skip to 53 seconds, pause, enjoy.
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  • Spencer

    that chick got back but damn she is one chunky bitch

  • Errebus


  • StrokerAce

    Of course I muted the sound after a second or two, but I followed the other instructions. She’s a little thicker than I like, but I enjoyed it anyway. :P

    I do like her spirit, but when you’re going to do a dance and show your ass to the camera anyway, what exactly is the purpose of pulling down your shirt at all? I simply don’t understand why women do that.

  • BMk

    Does anyone else think she looks better from below?

  • tripleOGkush

    is this some sort of african mating dance? this nasty bitch is just jiggling her fat everywhere.

  • tripleOGkush

    that hallway must smell like shit after all that gross stomping around. neighbors downstairs must be pissed. might be a guy in pink tights. she’s kinda huge. big ass feet.

  • TheBam

    Particularly liked the bit where she patted her pussy :)

    had a bit of a semi by the end of the vid :D

  • giggityzz

    damn she has such a nice ass and ilike the part where she patted her pussy too, i ended up rock hard by the end of the vid

  • MajorTrouble

    Ass shakin is not dancing. Never has been, never will be.

  • Bob

    Don’t quite understand why Black chicks think being overweight is a virtue.

  • TacoEvolved

    I heard that Jack changed his homepage to Guys in Yoga Pants. We miss you, Jack.

  • moe34

    This is the result of too many bags of Cheetos & grape cool-aid. Once again, this mess only appeals to the pants on the ground homies. NEXT!

  • HAter

    ewwwwww shes black, more white college chicks PLEASE

  • StrokerAce

    Hey “HAter,” you want the “Hottest Girls on Campus” page. Check the links at the bottom here.

  • HAter

    omg im in love, thanks ace!!!!!!

  • Rowdy

    That’s one sloppy dumper!

  • summerer

    Move this ghetto shit fat ass to one of the dozens of ‘C’rap sites so the silly negros can get off…

  • StrokerAce

    You’re welcome, HAter. I’m not against any hottie for the color of her skin, though. You should learn to appreciate hotties of all hues. :)

    But you might also like the “Foolish Fans” page and the “Sports Babe” category.

  • Scott

    Yet one more fat nasty looking black ass. If you are going to post videos of black chicks there’s enough hot ones out there you don’t need to post thes ghetto fat assed broads.

  • wow

    Shit is gross.

  • big bob

    omg that shit nice i wanna tap that any day

  • http://www.muscle-building-diets.org Derek

    Too much junk for my taste, can’t dance either!

  • Mark the Shark

    That sweaty ass crack was nasty. I could smell it from here….ewwww!!

  • Someone awesome

    Whats the name of the song its good for giyp

  • Someoneawesome

    What’s the name of the song

  • Animosity

    To all of the helpless minded people stuck in the 1940s that are racist, 1. she is not black she is Hispanic. 2. You should stop HATING someone because of their skin color that is the dumbest thing to hate someone over. Get these predisposed notions and stereotypical thoughts out of your simple minds. GIYP!!

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