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Video: Sophie Turner shows off her panty lines in yoga pants

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Check out one of my favorites, Sophie Turner, in this video for Something In The Dark.

Now look at my 8 favorite pics of Sophie Turner in yoga pants ›


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  • first


    yeah I’m always first bitch

    oh man Sophie Turner…

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve jerked off to that perfect ass.

    Id love to sniff that pink asshole all day long.

    Guys, if you havent yet, create her own folder cuz she deserves it.

    I don’t care about this movie but I’m all over it. Damn. that’s one curvy was with no sagginess , no cottage cheese like other douchebags love here.

    I like her scientific explanation on her panties. haha. like anyone cares. we all want to see her ass. that’s it.

    as your leader, best in the world and quality control director, I give this perfect ass. my sweet tiny
    mushroom stamp of…

    A P P R O V E D

    I urge all of you to jerk off your tiny dicks to this attention whore ass. please. with your left hand, of course.

  • jimbo jones
  • Aldaris

    She’d be super sexy even in a diaper…

  • http://urbzgaming.com UrbzGaming

    Id give her something in the dark…

  • StrokerAce

    All I wanna do…is tap dat azz… :D

  • Stick===Boot

    First… Do something with your life you trolling parasite.

    Sophie… Keep on rocking!

  • CG

    I’m a fan of the lines that lie underneath. Nice. :)

  • Dick Fitzwell


    I hear the district attorney will go easier on you if you turn yourself in, you serial rapist.

    Never understood why women have to explain full panties. They do accentuate. They’re nice!

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