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Is this booty too big, too small or just right? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sir

    Way to big. But I appreciate her efforts

  • Booyah!

    Fucking disgusting! Lose some weight, girl! Sheesh!

  • Ch’booie


  • The Last Universalist

    WOW. Can I take her home for a month? I’ll spend the whole time worshipping that PERFECT body.

  • Captain jack

    I dont get it how can you say lose the weight disgusting when she clearly has a small midsection!!! If your scared say your scared!! Real woman right there!!!

  • Aldaris

    The girl has some serious potential, but she need to shape a little those booty….a little shaggy, but if she work on it , this booty shoul’d become a weapon of mass destruction!

  • Dan

    Clearly the question says to judge her ass not her body!! I think she has the right amount of fat on that ass, all she needs to do is get it in shape and it will be a nice booty

  • http://AOL Sammy J.

    To the previous commenters: No, she does not have a small midsection. No, she is not perfect. If I take her home for a month it would be to clean my house for two days and answer my phone for the other twenty-eight. Yoga pants are not for everyone and that includes her. Sorry, you gotta call a spade a spade! One a scale from 1 to 10 she would rate a 3 and that is only because she presumably has a working vagina. Stop going for the second portions, hit the gym, and let’s see what you look like in a year. Honey, this site is not for you. Might I suggest Lane Bryant!

  • Dan

    Clearly the question says to judge her ass not her body!! I think she has the right amount of fat on that ass, all she needs to do is get it in shape and it will be a nice booty

  • maestro716

    Please. Mal Malloy is perfection personified.

  • Ouch

    nice saddle-bag thighs… :(

  • RealityCheck

    IMHO too big

    Would I hit it? Yep.

  • Big Booty Lover

    she has other videos on you tube…personally i love the body…ass is phat…i love thick girls..(“big bitches need love to”)…backshots must be so nice…but i will say she should have made it a little more interesting by playing some music in background…put a little showmanship to it..come on girl try and use a little imagination for the show.

  • http://girlsinyogapants Robert L.

    that booty looks sooo delicious I would eat that for weeks ….so damn yummy

  • Jacob

    i like phat asses….but hers is lumpy

  • bobby

    this is near perfect. i would worship it.

  • jiman

    This butt does not have a good shape, it’s just big.
    A nice butt has to be more then just big.

  • felix

    I bet all y’all talking shit look perfect

  • Vi

    whoa… lil, too big.

  • girlwatcher

    Waiting and pacing in the Doctor’s exam room for you STD test results is so nerve wracking.

  • girlwatcher

    You need to walk a LOT faster and farther to exercise that heap-o-shit down to normal. A pole dancer you ain’t.

  • girlwatcher

    Hey Captain Jack: “you’re” then “you’re” again. How many years were you in third grade?

  • girlwatcher

    Aldaris on, the English teacher.

  • girlwatcher

    I haven’t forgotten the rest of you; I just got writer’s cramp.

  • Leslie

    I’m a big fan of ladies’ curves, but when I first played the video, I thought, “that’s a little too much.” Then I went to her YouTube channel, watched more of her vids, and couldn’t get enough. This woman is damn sexy. I especially liked the lingerie videos.
    I’ll be keeping my eye on her YouTube channel for more.

  • Chun

    She is Beta-Male material…. ugh!

  • bobo

    You’d have to surgically remove my face from her ass. Her waist is tight and small and then the hips and ass are incredible. Where are the women like this hiding?

  • StrokerAce

    If she’s “hot,” then this video isn’t showing it. It just seems she’s got too much around her thighs to be sexy. She’s got a sexy attitude, no doubt, and with a few inches off those thighs, she’s have the look to match.

  • ballllllllllllllllls

    too small……….way too small……….wouldnt pick her up for a dollar

  • bobby420

    girl is sexy as hell real nice bod but i think if she worked out a lil more lost 5-10lbs n tighten up wud b better but still really sexy

  • G Spot Finder

    Poor thing caught KardASSian disease

  • Pete Moss

    Wow, for a white girl that is a really big ass. Maybe a little too big but if I saw her in public I might have a hard time not looking at that ass.

  • awoods4377

    oh my fucking god its perfect i would rest my head in between those checks

  • Unfrozen Jon

    That beauty is Mal Malloy and her booty is just right.

  • Doc

    that’s disgusting. one of the fattest skanks i’ve ever seen. now i can no longer eat biscuits.

  • a55

    Dat thickness

  • http://giyp most

    Love that ass no matter what all you fool’s will hit it so don’t be haters

  • kornaz

    Disgusting! Must be a bunch of niggaz on this site.

  • Dr T and the Women


  • Prat

    Dat ass. Pushing close to too big, but it still looks good.

  • datass

    Like someone already mentioned, this booty has incredible potential.It already has the size down, just needs to get into better shape. Then, this ass, would be an unstoppable force!

  • guest

    What is her name

  • Master Amsu

    It would be a pleasure to fondle that ass, I would enjoy hours and hours of time with it. Its a keeper for me love it!

  • Volstagg

    She’s Absolutely PERFECT! WORK IT GIRL!

  • dubs

    Just the right size me. She’s got a big booty and I got a big dick.

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