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We’re told this is a pretty common thing in Brazil. It’s a little out of the way, but definitely worth the drive to fill up.

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  • Reck

    Is it a wonder the crime is so high in Brazil? I’d kill to get some of that ass. lol

  • paul

    i always knew that brazillian chicks always had nice asses and would bust that good nut all over that one

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Iheartbigloads

    Jacking off everywhere

  • me

    It’s actually argentina , not brazil…Isidro casanova is in buenos aires

  • Ch’booie

    There! The crevasse! Fill it, with your mighty juuuuice!

    Too bad Brazilian gas is that ethanol shit that I wouldn’t put in my car with a ten foot pole. And why is Brazil full of French cars?

  • George Costanza

    I would shove my pink dick in her ass hole then snap it off and let her keep my dick up her ass.

  • Tony

    Isidro casasnova is an Argentinian City. She work in Argentina, my country! yeah!jajaja my girls!

  • Rods

    That’s in Argentina, and actually, most girls on stations dress like that

  • beltman713

    Worst cameraman of all time.

  • Dam


  • dave

    Who’s the camera man? Stevie Wonder?

  • Tgrahams

    Gawd, all that meat ahh! Thats me barking in the background!

    btw…cameraman completely dropped the ball on this one SMH

  • Chris

    WTF, was that guy getting his ass kicked or just jerking off while he was filming. Good find, but Stevie Wonder could have done a better job recording dem chicks. Don’t quit your day job. Go back there and try and do a reasonable job of recording. Those chicks and us pervs deserve better.

  • Richard Head

    That camera man needs his ass kicked and his man card revoked for that shoddy recording. With that out of the way, I’d almost be okay with these ridiculous gas prices if stations here had big booty chicks with pants eating asses pumping my gas.

  • Ch’booie


  • Max

    Hahaha! That’s not Brazil! That’s ARGENTINA!! And it’s very common to see girls in tha gas stations dressed like that!

    It’s a great way to attract customers!

  • StrokerAce

    Like the others here, I’m disappointed by the cameraman. WTF? I think he was as interested in getting his buddy’s groin area in the shots as he was in “trying” to focus on the chicks.

    I guess I need to get to Argentina to see this “gas station hottie” spectacle for myself! :D

  • Cybr

    I wonder if she’ll also do the inside of my windshield after I blow my wad on it?

  • snake

    I have a new appreciation for Argentina.

  • Ch’booie

    so why are there so many french cars in argentina?

  • juan

    GIY,fly me wherever this is.i promise to comeback with a better video and will interview each girl

  • AssLover

    Isidro Casanova is at Argentina.
    Sorry for my english.

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