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Victoria’s Secret yoga pants are quickly becoming one of my favorites, because of pictures like this one.

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  • GIYPAmbASSador

    1st!… To pounce on this amazing yoga leopard! So fine!

  • Neverpull0ut

    Scared that her face will ruin it haha, good side photo need another angle though to really do justice IMO.

  • Ass Master

    The VS yoga pants are junk. Too much shit going on at the top of them.
    That’s a young looking ass. Needs to be properly broken in, without lube!

  • StrokerAce

    Fuck yeah, this needs a close up view! :D

  • jack

    Very nice!!!

  • buttman


  • Carnage

    Maybe it’s just me, but her butt is kinda oblong, when it should be round.

    I’m not sayin it’s shopped, but it looks a bit odd.

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