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This girl says she loves wearing her Victoria’s Secret yoga pants… and I love looking at her in them.

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  • Ams
  • jack


  • gonnie

    I’d rather be looking at her out of them

  • assbandito

    Small but nice

  • Ass Master

    Sooooooooooo much nicer than seeing some big fat black ass poured into some bullshit cheap ass pants.
    Funny you never see the black women in the Victoria’s Secret clothing.
    VS must not accept EBT cards!!

    This nice white ass is prime for plowing.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I would love to piss on her

  • Wa-diddy

    Nice side view, and check out the slim waist. Word to flat-ass master: Son, sista’s invented the phat ass, from slim goodie to thicka than a snicka. In fact, it wasn’t until sista’s started proliferating in music videos back in the 80’s that caucasians like you started appreciating the booty. Now you wanna try to come off as some kind of officianato of what a nice curvy booty should be?! You pathetic, and weak in tha knees ta boot. Get yo weight up, kid, and please, take it personal. That goes for the flat-ass master fan club also

  • Stratman

    The racist bullshit is unecessary. I guess it’s easy when you’re hiding behind a user name.

  • StrokerAce

    I’ve always appreciated a fine booty, waaaaaaay before videos made big ones fashionable. But yes, the racist horseshit is uncalled for and needs to vanish. It’s 2012 for Christ’s sake.

    But getting back to focus, let’s examine that sweet heiney in the pic: very nice, a good curve to it, but that fold-down is hiding way too much of it. With an ass like that, this cutie should be happy wearing her VS yoga pants. My “Mr. Happy” is celebrating right now! ;)

  • YourFace

    has anyone noticed that she appears to be standing in a childs room? toy shelves and what looks like bert and ernie on that shelf…? this looks like jail bait.

  • The Last Universalist

    Maybe she’s a mom, maybe she’s posing in her kid sister’s room. There’s a lot of possible exlanations, IF it is a child’s room.

  • Ass Master

    Wa-Diddy.. Stop talking like you think you’re Guru or DJ-Premier. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Heck, you’re not afraid to be yourself when you’re collecting your welfare from my tax dollars..
    Shit, you’ve been watching MTV all your life, you ought to go do something constructive. THEN, and MAYBE then, you’ll be able to get yourself a nice fine piece of ass like that above… Not the gorilla smack you’re used to..
    And if ya don’t like it… Take it personal..

  • cazr

    Very nice ass baby work it more…

  • Stratman

    Good catch on the Bert and Ernie. I’m calling jail bait. Still excellent though.

  • Wa-diddy

    Haha. You are stereotypically stupid. I’m a college educated Network Engineer, Dumbass. But u already knew that didn’t u? Frankly, I’m having fun bustin’ your weak azz. You are so typical of the present day racist wannabe. You can’t accept the fact that no one is inferior to your pink azz.

    No disrespect to my caucasian brotha’s, just needed to expose the bitch movement lurking below the rest of us.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled e-cast of sexy GIYP.

    Big shoutout to TRUE connoisseur’s sexy curves.

  • Joe Plumber


  • Joe Plumber


  • TL

    Dislike any patterns or large writing on YP’s. My girl has a pair with shit written across the ass. Let the ass do the talking!

    The racist shit is garbage. However, u guys DO post some nasty FAT asses on here that always end up being Black.

  • Jay

    Very sexy, need more pics from this chick!


    CANT HOLD IT IN>>>>>
    IM GOING TO BLOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Ass Master

    Wa-ditty – you couldn’t find the ip of your asshole. You went to college to become a network engineer??
    Hahahaha, right..
    Pull your subnet mask over your boot lip mug and go hold up a 7-11.

    EBT pays for Internet?? What are you even doing here?

  • Wa-diddy

    Went to college to get a degree, stupid. oh, you know what an IP/mask is, dont’t that make you special? Nope, you still the shitty little boy living in his moms basement hurling insults at your superiors. The last defiant act of a punk-azz that is stuck on stereotypes. I know what your prob is: you lost your girl to a hiphop kid and you can’t get over it. Sad little boy slingin bytes but you ain’t worth a bit. Keep playing yourself. Everybody on this site knows that bitch-azzes like you would neva step to anyone in person so go ahead, digital-dickhead.

  • idowhatiwant

    I’ve already seen this picture online before! At least two months ago and without the YP silhouette logo in the bottom-right corner. I didn’t think GIYP.com stooped to re-posting pics swiped off another website with some fake caption about how some chick submitted it herself. TOTAL BULLSHIT.

  • joe

    Don’t know how old she is, but she’s got a cute lil tater! And the racist stuff has no business here, but it’s kinda funny to see them go after it.. :-)

  • TheShaneDang

    Fuck you racist faggot. Im white and I do not like hugs bootys either but blake girls are sexy. Ur a pussy that’s y u post shit on the internet cuz ur scared. Say that to some one face to face with someone and anyone would fuck you up. But anyways nice ass…..sexy as hell

  • TheShaneDang

    Fuck you racist faggot. Im white and I do not like hugs bootys either but blake girls are sexy. Ur a pussy that’s y u post shit on the internet cuz ur scared. Say that to some one face to face with someone and anyone would fuck you up. But anyways nice ass…..sexy as hell

  • dave

    Cant even enjoy a picture of a great ass without racist idiots displaying stupidity. Go watch more fox news jim bob.


    I just like toying around with Da-Widdy. I’ve been playing him like an instrument for weeks, and he doesn’t get it.
    It’s easy to play with stupid people, and in this case amusing.
    Boot biscuit thinking he’s a network engineer because he’s working for GeekSquad…. Hahaha!

    Da-Widdy, go with your stupid ass. Shouldn’t you be searching for a rap deal somewhere?

  • Wa-diddy

    Dude, you need to quit while you’re behind. You making a flat-ass of yourself.

    Face it, You’ve been decleated. Get ova it

    Big up to all the curvy booties. Keep um coming, in all flava’s, GIYP

  • Ass Master

    De-cleated? I don’t even need to stand up to make you my bitch.
    You haven’t had one good comeback yet!

    You’ve been owned. Now DANCE bitch!

    And for the love of GOD, LEARN PROPER ENGLISH you ebonic fuck.

  • Wa-diddy

    Poor little ass-wipe. Now you foaming at the mouth with caps. Dumbass don’t even know the diff btw an Engineer and a PC repair guy, yet you continue with the diarrhea induced babble. Frankly, you beginning to boor me with your childs play. I’ve displayed more articulation in one sentence than you have in every comment you’ve made since your miserable inception, knave. If I wanted to I could slash you so bad, you’d be left bloody, slumped over your keyboard, with random characters scrolling across your screen. But I’ll save it for a more worthy adversary. Nuff said. Checkmate, BITCH!


    Wa-Ditty, that’s what you’re good at. Crime. Slashing. Checkmate? You want checkmate? Go look in the mirror.
    I win.
    No go get in line for your welfare.

    Too easy.

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