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We’ve always said, two is better than one.


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  • George Costanza


    Yea im always first bitches..

    Holy shit the camera man must be gay, i would of dropped the $2000 camera and raped these 2 chicks, get them pregnant and have the chicks involved for the rest of my life!!!

  • Ward Cleaver

    Wow. That ass in pink is going to keep me up all night. And by up, I mean ‘have an erection.’

  • jay

    Sexy SEXY girls! Holy shit r they hot! With that “go ahead and do dirty things to me” look on their faces!

  • buttslammer

    fuck yeah! I could stroke all night to those two hot asses. Prepare to be slammed!

  • chester

    my god that is beautiful

  • StrokerAce





    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……and I didn’t even have to touch myself. ;)

  • http://asdfd shopppp

    am i the only one that notices how obviously and poorly this is photoshopped…

    not that they wouldnt have great asses without it though

  • StrokerAce

    We must be coming close to the End of the Internet. How do we top this one?

  • StrokerAce

    Well gentlemen, this one IS Photoshopped. Just do a Google image search and you’ll see neither of these hotties has legs that thick; and the real photo is splendid.

  • Show it

    Show the link for the non photoshop.

  • Richard Head

    Seems that copious amounts of semen isn’t good for touch screens. With that said pink is going to ruin this phone once and for all.

  • paul

    this is why threesomes have been invented. these ladies are just out of this world.

  • Olaf

    This couple is amazing…

  • stevemotherfuckingtasker

    Spectacular fannies.

  • George Costanza



  • Iv693

    Holy shit … I just wet pants :) happy ending

  • Aldaris

    These girls are too perfect and it’s clear that the bitch’s ass in blue spandex is photoshopped….
    Someone could post the real imagine? even with photoshop they are some real Goddess….

  • Nate

    Just thought I would share with all of you. You can see more of these two (Dina and Marina) at http://www.shinyamateurs.com, sister site is http://www.russianspandex.com
    Hope that helps! =D

  • jerry seinfeld

    yea bad photoshop job look at the distortion next to their asses

  • jerry seinfeld

    strokerAce says do a image search to find the real one…..how would you ever find a image on google without anything elce to go on?

  • sam
  • Corey

    This looks like the beginning of something wonderful!

  • George Costanza


    DO you think we can have a foursome with these 2 chicks? Ill stroke your tiny dick while you maintain eye contact with me and these 2 chicks play with each other in the corner!

  • Cybr

    I think I’m going to have to use the “dick-o-meter” to see which one is tighter.

  • Jenny Taylia

    holy shit the real pic is even better. no need to photo shop those asses. I got erection. its pumping red hot spunk just for you girls.

  • Steve

    The one in pink is gorgeous, the one in blue is kardashian.

  • kane

    Please, quality control! Photoshopped, and poorly.

  • Pepper


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