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Two girls with big booties in yoga pants is better than one. Especially when there is grabbing involved.

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  • http://first first


    Yeah I’m always first yeah

    I beat all of you assholes

    Wow 2 hot yoga pants. I wanna put my face all over those asses


  • The Last Universalist

    I’d be grabbing, too. Those are two *nice* hind ends.

  • Elbie Eff

    well i wanna die

  • Jake

    I want to smother my face in both of their asses.

  • http://fb youvebeenkumped

    suckin farts and motorboating ass cheeks ! all day ! i do with them 2 !

  • http://giyp most

    You lady’s remaine me off my jeep.

  • cazr

    Dam you 2 are fcken cuite and fcken good and ass to.specially it kills me with the gray pants just wanna FCK her cum inside of her full other chick the same thing hells yeah. Merry me baby.

  • greenies

    oooh she has a sexy watch

  • StrokerAce

    They need me for a threesome. Hell, I’d be happy just watching them get off on each other while I spank it. ;)

  • paul

    the ultimate in threesome adventures. anything is possible here with these hotties

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    Czar writes the best comments ever

  • CG

    Yes indeed 2 are always better! Get the best of both in one sitting!

  • UknowwhatsUp

    Shout out to the baddest hood rats haha
    This is what I wanna see more of.. Latinas if I’m not mistaken

  • UknowwhatsUp

    Where u ladies from?

  • BigBootyLover

    I would fuck em both with my huge dick

  • Leslie

    I would like grab both ass

  • Macnavor

    How the hell did I find caught between two hispanic blossoms! That’s the happiest sandwich you could ever get! o_o Lefty beats the viagra!

  • Macnavor

    The right one is the perfect excuse to fuck on a nude beach!

  • http://Thisis50 Hehateme

    The one doing the grabing isYaris Sanchez

  • David Stone

    Ah, curvy Latinas……heavenly.

  • Macnavor

    But maybe I would do a sandwich with those two!!!!

  • Master Amsu

    I love short chubby Mexican girls with big asses!

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