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Talk about a great way to start your week. Keep going for the full-sized image

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  • vacheezehead

    Wheres da booty?

  • BooyahBooyah

    Da booty looks nice to me. The website is called girls in yoga pants…not huge asses in yoga pants…and not fecal freaks (like I know some frequent commenters are).

    A hot chick in tight clothing…that’s all that is required.

  • Eric Shun

    What a coincidence, I have two testicles…



  • buttman

    i would like them to both take a dump in a box and mail it to me.

  • paul

    these chicks are yummy. a three some waiting to happen

  • http://spiro.xxx me

    aren’t those VS girls?

  • StrokerAce

    And these chicks will still be slender and lookin’ good in tight pants 5-10 years from now, too! :D

  • bootyologist

    the 1 in the yellow has the beginnings of a booty. I’d get in there once or twice.

  • O_O



    Can I be the first to volunteer for a new GIYP segment called “Saturday Sandwich”?
    I’d be happy to squeeze between these two to get a few photo’s.

  • cazr

    All still fck both babys evryday..

  • TL

    No booty, no problem.

  • Niblick

    Sadly, not twins…a couple of Victoria’s secret-keepers. Candice Swanepoel is without a doubt, one of the world’s desireable women hands down…Erin Heatherton while still delectable, can’t hold a candle in my world.

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh13

    They are rather energetic fillies to breed.

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