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For the first time ever, and this is a tough one. So we’re going to let you guys decide! Which do you prefer, the truck or the booty? Keep going to check out the enlarged shot and sound off in the comments..


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  • The Last Universalist


    I got in first bitch

    That’s a very nice-looking truck. If I lived in an area where I needed a truck I’d love to have that one.

  • StrokerAce

    What “truck”? ;)

  • KevH

    I have a truck, i like my truck… don’t need another one.What I don’t have, is an ass like that, would very much like an ass like that…I really NEED an ass like that!

  • Billy Bob

    Oh yeah that’s what I’m talkin bout! A fine assed blonde bimbo washing her old man’s ride. Where she’s standing would be great to just walk up behind her roll her pants down just passed her ass. Then tongue that whole cheeks/hole/snatch combo as to give thanks for washing my ride. I give her a 7.5 on my crank-o-meter.

  • Neal

    fine ass, bending over like that, take her in the back seat and screw from behind.

  • SirDistic

    Yoga pants? Check. Bending over in Yoga pants? Check. Nice ass? Check. Female doing what she’s supposed to, i.e. washing a dude’s truck? Check

    I’d take the chick over the truck any day.

  • Buttslammer


    It is disturbing to us men on here that you want to have that chicks ass. Do you want to wear yoga pants, too? Even if you shaved your ass and wore yoga pants I can pretty much guarantee that no one on here would want to see it. Just thinking of a so-called dude wanting to have a girly ass is enough to taint my brain in such a way that I would have to spend the day looking at real girl asses just to cleanse my brain of thinking of you wanting to have a girls ass. So please, refrain from posting any more if your sick cross dressing chicks with dicks desires.

  • DougieLittleHand

    I would make her wash my truck in white yoga pants and a white t shirt with no bra or underware.

  • Billy Bob

    @buttslammer I read it that way too butt didn’t say anything cuz its a Monday. Funny, sick butt funny.

  • Chun

    Do Want!!!!!!

  • wheresmysammich

    acceptable reason to be out of the kitchen… you may continue

  • Sal

    Lets hope that her ass will stay up and firm for as long as that truck gives u years of dependability !

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Holy shit.

    That’s one white petite tight young whore with no love handles and a sweet smelly bushy pink pussy.

    I love it.

    Look at that pose. MMMM hope she farts in my mouth after eating some chipotle… so good.

    Such an attention whore. She knows it and she loves it.

    This one gets my sweet tiny tight young bushy mushroom stamp of:


  • bill

    the Chipotle….. lmfao

  • Joe

    Well in 15 yrs Both will be run down
    Needing far more $$ then they both Deserve
    Arrears on wear will be atrocious

    Truck … Because in 15 years when i drag it to the dump and shoot it for being Old, Tired and Bitchy i won’t goto Jail :P

  • Walter

    If I needed a truck that big to compensate I wouldn’t be able to do anything with dat ass anyway.

    I’ll take the booty, every time.

  • mike

    Ik this chick. …Danielle lowin

  • mike

    Ik this chick Danielle lowin

  • Caleb

    This is actually her truck. She lives in my area (Winona MN). shes pretty hot, but not really stunning in person. Shes also a real bitch lol

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