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Left or right? Go…

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  • GoCanes

    Left, then right. Or right, then left.

    Doesn’t matter what order, I’m taking both.

  • john

    yes please

  • Marco, San Francisco CA

    Both, then left, then right, then both, then both….then both again, yessirree.

  • The Real Ryan

    Left. Not even a competition.

  • Rico

    holy shit xmas came early…. only downside is it reminds me how much i miss the 80’s when this was common attire

  • Antonio Iaccino

    Definitely the right one. Bigger is better.

  • LKHhjU

    Right, but not that I’d throw left outta bed or anything! The hair is amazing. Zip me back to the 80’s so I can handle both!

  • taz

    the left is a must, sexy feet also

  • GoCanes

    Left has the better overall body, but the right looks like a fun lay… decent up top too.

  • Zack

    I want the middle… Best seat in the house. AWWW yeeah!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • maestro716

    Left-for her looks

    Right-for her thickness

  • Jeff in Alabama

    Left, left, left right left.

  • ILoveYogaPants

    Wake me up! I’m having another one of those dreams. Wait a minute! What am I saying? Leave me the fuck alone so I can finish the dream.

  • Me

    I’ll take both; if I have to choose, then let it be the one on the left.

  • James

    I think I would like to be in the middle. Thanks.

  • SumFun

    Left for keeps, right for fun!

  • Tom in Michigan

    O!M!G! Decisions, Decisions!

  • Johnny

    Yes, I’m greedy, both.

  • Ledz13

    LEFT!!! All day, every day!

  • StrokerAce

    Big hair, spandex, hotties…the 80s were wonderful.


  • charlie

    The left she’s soo cuite and hot baby..

  • Goodfellow

    Left looks a little like Audrina Patridge. Her. All. Day. Long.

  • MP

    Ménage à trois?

  • Bevo

    Both….and I would go back for seconds!!

  • the man in a white Delorean/w tinted w

    Ok everyone back in the Delorean were going back to the 80’s

  • viz

    left… no question about it. but not after all you pervs had your way with her!

  • Yoga Guy

    I’m leaning towards the right, but seriously, this is splitting hairs…and speaking of hair, I love some big 80s hair!

  • http://giyp yes

    if only one i would take left but we need more to be shure

  • mRMegoo

    I agree with maestro716.

  • Mike

    Bad to the bone, give us more ladies.

  • Pigpen

    Left because she’s hot…for now. Right is glomming on as the almost-hot chick. No matter; in five years both of these girls will be ignored and lonely.

  • captaincarolina

    LEFT – great smile and look at those biceps, she must have a harder body and would be so much fun in bed.

  • adkwml

    left. no question

  • mark johnson

    Boy I love that 80’s workout gear.

  • Chris

    I think I’m gonna need a full ass shot to make any type of decision.

  • Charles

    I say right, and I want to take that weight and lodge it up her anus and have her release it and I suck on her prolapsing anus.
    I wouldn’t dare do that to the left chick, haha that’s just terrible!

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