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I guess the Grammy’s are on tonight, based of what people are writing on Twitter. I’m not watching them though, because I’m not a giant queer. Besides, this picture will entertain me far more than watching 3 hours of giving out a worthless tin can to rich people.


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  • Nauticus3


  • Stacy

    Purrfeecttt. Don’t like her face though..

  • rainer

    wow just wow

  • Joe

    Omfg I want to squeeze those pillows!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heath-Lane/176113792398778 Heath

    My God…that’s lovely! :)

  • Vic

    ugly as face…thats what bags are for but NICE ASS

  • Steve

    What’s that old saying, Stacy, “You don’t fuck the face.” Oh, wait……..

  • yowza

    All around very nice!

  • http://facebook DeShean Weber

    wow! thats a great package:)

  • whatshesay?!

    I see photoshop swirls

  • Fredrick

    It Brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  • Mrager

    holy my mouth dropped when i saw this

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  • blueollie

    What a waste…..
    Yes, great butt….but to waste it on another female. :(

  • beebo

    Looks like she has her hands full of goodies!

  • yournewboyfriend!


  • Rev_Lowdown

    All that ass and y’all lookin @ her face.

  • Talldrink49


  • money shot

    mmm……munchin time! ;)

  • Ang


  • rod

    would love to have that ass in my hands

  • definitely

    definitely one of the top 10 pictures in this site’s history

  • roger klotz

    fucking perfect, s o m f

  • Richard Head

    I’m getting touchy feely with my boner.

  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That TOUCHY FEELY Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • janey

    good lord! are we sure this is real? and are we sure they’re legal?!
    either way they’re both nice!

  • Trina

    How could anyone not want massage or spank that ass???. OMG!!!

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    DAMN!!!! Nice ass Im next to touch it!!!

  • janey

    best link ever, O M G!!!

  • Johnny

    Definitely how women should be built!

  • Bart

    This is from an Ass Parade update from the porn site bangbros.com. Have fun!

  • allen

    left b4 right.

  • stiffler

    they are porn stars from the ass parade site

  • Darwin

    I’ll take em both….same time!!

  • cantgetenuffadatass

    Idiots! Real, fake, photoshop… You see a bangin big booty and you automatic try to hate on it. This is a damn picture from bangbros.com, best website ever invented (giyp 2nd though, just gotta be real)

  • mikel

    Good lord! That looks tasty!

  • mikel

    Good God That looks tasty!!

  • Anasslover

    i want to bury my face deep in between those pillows.

  • Dirty D

    That girls face is not ugly. I want to dive face first into that ass though.

  • Robert

    porn stars :)

    thats jynx maze on the left..not sure about the girl with phat ass

  • Marco

    Now see, if you’re gonna post ghetto booty pics, they should look like this. Not just “giant ass stuffed in yoga pants”.

  • LoveThatAss

    Omg, I want to meet this girl. she is absolutely perfect, and there is NOTHING wrong with her face.

  • KingDread

    just made my dick hard!!! muthaphuka thats a nice ass

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Althman?feature=mhum Althman

    Oh, the fun times to be had with that phat whooty…



  • Jessay

    This picture tuned me so lesbian ;D

  • BDI’s

    Kinda looks like Eve Laurence on the right.

    Regardless, man that’s a nice ass…

  • aazedine

    woooooooooooooooooooooooow just wow

  • Loco

    Jynx Maze on left and Briella Bounce on right. Wow indeed

  • Jiggaapril

    well to me shes a 10,a dime, and all other vernacular for perfect.

  • the ass doctor

    u right dirty D i don’t c ugly i c fuckable ass x2

  • jesse

    yup thats the shitter, face and ass verry nice good job i would eat it

  • Mike

    HOLY fucking shit….. I would fuck her so good she’d be fartin out her mouth and burpin out her butt.

  • aceable

    I want to put my face between both there asses at the same time

  • Bobby

    :o LOL

  • JoeGemini

    Photoshop should be illegal

  • Robert

    her name is roxi

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