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This girl sent in by The Assman makes Kim Kardashian look flat. Is having a booty that big some kind of super power? Should she come over to my place for closer inspection? That was rhetorical because the answer is yes.

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  • Johnny

    Works for me!

  • Durdy Burdy

    OUCH! Delicious.

  • Bocca

    now this is what i’m talkin about….ASSMAN has done it again… that is a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet shitter..

  • Soontobetrolled

    That’s a still shot from a porn video (the site ryhmes with grazzers). I love this chic’s body, but if submitters start doing this we will miss all the natural submissions.


    thats an actual pornstar ..lol, i have the porn & it involves icecream on her bum

  • Soontobetrolled

    Mindy Main or Tory Lane. The website actually rhymes with HBnorn :P)

  • Dan

    Isnt that from realitykings

  • MeandMe

    It’s from a porno.

  • butt worshipper

    So what if she’s a porn star? Porn stars are people too!
    Very nice people….
    very, VERY nice people…

  • Kcirtap

    Her name is Brooke Lee Adams

  • Bocca

    does anyone know the name of the porno?….i’d like to see this ass in action……thnks

  • boner

    mmmm title of porn plz soo i can go and jerk off over her naked ass

  • winston wolf

    that is epic!

  • maestro716

    dude that Brooke Lee. Shes a porn star…you cant submit a pic of a pornstar haha well i guess you can but amateurs are a lot sexier

    oh and Bocca the title of that scene is “ass like that” – Reality Kings produced it. But i wouldnt recommend that scene. Its kind of boring.

  • StrokerAce

    I don’t care if she’s a “pro” of any kind. That is top shelf ass!

    Thank you once again, Assman. My jerkatorium and I are in your debt.

  • Dead_eye

    She should have a ” CAUTION WIDE / OVERSIZED LOAD ” on there

  • Vic

    yeah whats up taking pics from someone else, get ones not from a porn star..hot girl tho

  • Ferph

    Oh my gentle Jesus

  • W.R. Nelson

    That’s a really nice ass for a white chick!

  • German

    Now that´s sexy

  • somedude


  • Kajun


  • Johnny

    I would salute that !!!! so far my favorite on this site

  • Dikwitha

    Good GAWD-A’MIGHTY!! Ten pounds of ass in a 5 pound bag!!!

  • Grinch

    It’s nice stuff but I agree professional (i.e. downloaded non-original) content should be disallowed. For one, the guy who submitted it was being false when he said he had permission to post it. More importantly, though, it ruins the natural theme of the site.

  • Vincent

    Hoooooooooooly Lord!!! I wants some of that!

  • Partypooper

    Sorry guys, it’s not real. But still really nice!


  • Pigpen

    If you’ve ever wondered what a centaur looks like in real life…

  • Marco

    brooke lee adams

  • Ass Lover

    I wanna have anal with her and cum in her and all over her face

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