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This Girl In Yoga Pants has made it on to the site not once, not twice, but THREE times! Her boyfriend was so dedicated to getting this shot posted he even submitted it four times! Check out the high rest shot of this painted on booty after the jump and let this couple know what you think..

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  • Raw eyed

    Impressive! 1st!

  • Travis

    I’ll have to agree with the boyfriend. That’s a very nice look!!

  • Conan

    This is unreal. I’d love see one where she’s standing up with wedgie. Please!

  • GIYP192

    One of my favourite chicks on this site. MORE PLEASE!!!

  • bootywatcher33

    this is just excellent

  • Glock

    10/10! cant be much more perfect then this :) thanks

  • GIYPfan

    With all the shit that gets posted here, why does a pic like this take 4 submissions???


  • Netjnke

    For a second there, I thought she forget the pants lol



  • richard

    He had to submit it four times to get it posted. Shame on you guys. It should of went to the front of the list when it came in the first time.. lol

  • StrokerAce

    As before, she leaves me in the following condition:


    That’s what I call “spent.” ;)

  • Canuckguy

    Impractical. She can’t go grocery shopping in that outfit.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Laud Have Mercy!

  • Jimbostro

    Look at that moose knuckle, delicious!!

  • StrokerAce

    @Canuckguy: sure she can! I will gladly lead her to the meat department and offer her a sausage. ;)

    On a related note (maybe), check out her toe. It’s kinda blurry there, but is that a blanket under there, or her hand? Damn, I’d love to be whatever that is, especially if she’s bringing herself off. :D

  • Chris


  • Doug

    I just made a mess

  • a55

    I need a new pair of pants. I just burst the seem in the crotch.

  • the evil batman

    Awsomesauce! definatly more of this please :D

  • AssMane

    AS soon as i seen it i popped a boner

  • Netjnke

    They should repost the other 2 now.

  • Mac C

    More light & resolution!!..PLEASE!!!! Get a good 12MP camera on that thang!!

  • ned

    Don’t know the guy, but I hate him!
    I’m so freakin jaleous!

  • Ginger101

    Good god have mercey on my pants theremy last ones

  • AK74

    Man how I’d love to stick my cock into that ass then shoot my wad deep inside.


    i love it when a girls ass is so big and then the yoga pants they where go like into their crack… idk just so hott.

  • Splinter76

    Oh. My. God. MORE!! MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!

  • http://girlsinyogapants jo momma

    That is perfection! Holy Hannah!

  • solidplan

    @ Assmane…….. You should use the past tense “SAW” it should be written…..’as soon as I SAW it blah blah blah…..common educte yourself!!!!!!!!!! BTW that is the most incredible ass I HAVE ever SEEN!

  • solidplan

    * educate lol

  • bowie

    i love this blog, the only thing is that it will be waaaay better if you only publich amateur home made pictures. the other one nnaaawwww, good amazing awesome shot by the way

  • assbandito

    AMAZING!!! That is a perfect ass and love the knuckle!!

  • http://GIYP Ted

    I would say that now I have something to live for….to get my face into an ass that perfect!

  • Chris

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! Really, that’s all that needs to be said. Well that and if that was my girlfriend she would be raw everyday!!!

  • Sy Brrrr

    Nice Cookie !!!

  • rob

    wtf is wrong with you people GIYP… he had to submit this 4 times?!?!?! ARE YOU SLOW IN THE HEAD?!? THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP ON THE SITE 4 TIMES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JamminJ

    gaaahh-dayum! Excuse me fellas while I whip this out….I’m ’bout to roll the dice on this chick!

  • Ben Dover

    How many other hot pics are you holding out on posting? Very disapointing to hear this took 4 submissions. Great ass and nice gap.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Sir Juciest Gluteus

    Im gonna need 7 more ass shots from you baby..that’ll equal 10 ass shots of a perfect 10 ass!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matty

    That’s amazing. Only one way to make it better, see through without underwear. :-D

  • ArealDR.

    she needs to stop drop and roll …… hotttttttt

  • reality bites

    Looks to me like there’s a set of balls hanging, too.

  • scott

    #1 on the sphyncter scale

  • Miss painted on

    I’m glad you guys appreciate the pictures of me that my EX is now submitting without my consent ;) I can’t control what he does with my photos but at least you all leave me flattering comments.

  • heavycock

    That looks absolutely delicious…

  • jballz

    Wow, Miss Painted…you are hot as sin. The fact that you let him take this shot also means you’re cool as hell. Seriously, that is so f’n hot. Wow…So why don’t we cut out the middle man and you submit more!? Take control of your life and that ass!

  • punkmonkey

    Absolutely divine… thanks to him for sharing, and thanks to her for allowing us to appreciate her beautiful assets

  • http://girlsinyogapants angel

    My god they do look so painted on and looks like shes ready to touch herself and get the party started yum:)

  • http://Www.girlsinyogapants.com KarremSWAGG173

    Pussy on my mind

  • SurrenderTheBootie1989

    Whats better then an ass as phat as hers hmmm!?? How bout a pussy thats just as Phat HOLY SHIT! Whoevers hittn that day after day is gonna die a lucky happy old bastard aint that the truth, I SAID GOD DAMN GOD DAMN!!!!!

  • http://AOL Buddy Roe

    Who gives a SHIT?

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    CHECKMATE!!!!…..All will to resist has been CRUSHED!!!

  • david

    That’s the line of life

  • S R J

    That’s fucking perfect, leggings pulled up so tight in between her butt cheeks…Yummy :D

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