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Twitter MILF @AlexaRokkerGirl snapped this shot of herself.. high res after the jump!

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  • ben

    wow. the hottest girl ive seen on here. She looks like a shorty too. perfection!

  • olskoolsteve

    awesome body

  • George Costanza

    I wish I was her boyfriend standing next to her with my dick hanging out and she took this pic and GIYP posted it so all you nerds and mommas boys can see what a real dick looks like

  • diggler

    God that’s fuckn hot!

  • George Constanza is a bitch

    @George Costanza You probably have the smallest dick of them all. You feel the need to brag about it. Go back to your boyfriend in bed you faggot.

  • Eman Resu

    @George Costanza, Big bragger, small wagger…that is all that needs to be said.

  • Ray

    Man hands and muscular. Sure it’s a guy.

  • Chef Freak

    looks like she could beat me up…I’d let her too.

  • Yoga Guy

    So, all these guys were on here complaining about man-hands…now I want to know why they aren’t complaining about the fact that her shoulders are a little too broad…like, her hip/waist/chest/shoulder ratio seems…masculine to me. She’s insanely fit and she works it, but…no, thanks anyway. I checked out her twitter pics to arrive at this conclusion, it’s not just based on this picture. Not in my taste.



  • Yoga Guy

    @Ray, my bad, should have read all the comments.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I’ve seen George’s cock… It’s huge packing about 9.5

  • Hater Blocker

    who cares if she has man hands she can show me her beautiful body all day long

  • George Costanza

    I take care of business in the bedroom with the ladies

  • Jenny Taylia

    @Yoga guy: It’s (or was) a guy for sure. the pole pic and the tartan mini skirt pic clinch it without doubt. Also stands like a guy, always the big give-away – no amount of body modification/operations/eating disorders can ever disguise that.

  • StrokerAce

    She could be a bodybuilder gone overboard with the, ummmm…”supplements.” Some of those Twitter pics are less than feminine. I’m not even sure they’re all the same person, honestly.

  • Drudai

    I love almost nearly all of the pictures posted on GIYP, but this one is a bit too much for my taste. There’s flirty, and then there’s down right slut/whore pictures that you’d send for sexting. Not my cuppa. My two cents.

  • bobaganoosh

    lol pretty sure thats my exgirlfriends stomach…

  • George Costanza

    @bobaganoosh did your exgirlfriend dump you because of your tiny dick?


    i would stick my cock through her panties when she pulls them out like that while grabbing those titties

  • http://Twitter Fudmaster

    Wow you are something else mama

  • George Costanza

    I want her to take those sweaty panties off and hand them to me so I can inhale the smell, put in my mouth and then rub all over my erection

  • cheeksquad

    too bad that phone is photoshopped :/

  • Lyle Lovett

    That’s a fucking man you fags!

  • George Costanza

    if thats a man i will let StrokerAce and Eddie45 suck that tiny cock dry while I jerk off behind the curtains

  • boss

    lol @ you effeminate faggots claiming this woman to be a dude.. Just because she could manhandle you pussies.

    That’s the body of a woman that puts a lot of hard work and time in at the gym. She’s not overly built, just nice and well toned. That stomach, those hips, thighs and legs are all woman.

  • BootyHunter

    George Costanza…..HAHAHA you fuckin ur such a fag! thats a guy for sure. it just proves you are gay as shit.

  • bi-gurl

    I’m fairly certain that is a transssexual woman. Please be respectful and realize the best ones are unbelievably feminine and they are actually hermaphrodites anyhow. If she has a reconstructed vagina—so what probably better than what you got(tiny dancer in your hand)!

  • alex

    i wish she ciykd handling my dick like their no freaking tomrrow dayyum she looks effin bomb

  • Big boy
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