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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Althman?feature=mhum Althman

    Damn, this is what I like to see.

  • blackbirdjsps

    very nice love ladys with thick firm asses.

  • jack


  • Conan

    Holy shit! Loving it. I’d let her do squats on top of my face 24/7. this is the first submission in a long time that has actually given me a hard on.

  • Conan

    No way this is “next” worthy! Aside from a little pudge around the knees this chick is a an 8 in my books

  • Burris

    Meh…… there is nothing more sad than a girl taking a picture of herself with a phone standing in front of a mirror… If you are gunna post a picture of yourself on the internet, get somebody to take the picture for you…. with a camera, not a phone. how many pictures do u think she took of herself till she got “the right photo”? haha….. i think my favorite part of this site now is reading and writing stupid comments about pretentious girls, and the closet homos that call each other fags. haha…. at least she isn’t making a duck face. Well, maybe she is, her phone might be covering it.

  • Mike DQ

    She just creepshotted herself. Its a weep-shot. wah, look at me, I need to be on a website because I still have the ass I had when I was 180 pounds now I am only 150. Kudos for not making a duckface, but you still creepshot yourself.

  • Spencer

    meh…not the best. I’d only do a pump and dump though. I giver her a 7

  • StrokerAce

    I’ll bet if she sat on my lap, I’d get a stiffie. ;)

  • Scott

    Nasty, move on tot he next girl. The quality of nice ass on this site has gone down considerably. I am beginning to think you guys would fuck anything female with a heart beat. Most of you have no taste in women at all.

  • Yoga Guy

    Scott is gay – there is just no need for that kind of hate – obviously he finds the female form disgusting. He probably likes the girls with flat, skinny butts – you know, the boys.

    There is a fine line between luscious and too much, and for my tastes, this is too much. However, she’s clearly FIT and good on her for sending us a shot, I don’t think it’s pathetic, I think it’s great she’s got the confidence to show her stuff.

  • justin

    Nothing wrong with this one, at least when you hit it hard you aint gonna break any bones from being too damn skinny! I think its great!

  • eddie

    We can’t forget the girl next door, they are really my favorite! She is very not bad, and if you saw her at the gym you’d stare, so whatever on meh next. in reality I bet any amount of money that you can’t do better anyway :)

  • Jeephreak

    I can bet that she has no shortage of admirers. She’s obviously fit and I bet she’d leave of lot of the guys, who post on this site, in the dust at the gym. I personally like a fit woman, and she’s in that category.

  • Jerry

    Nothing I hate more than a nice thick chick like this with tatoos…. she would be a 8 in my book, but with tatoos that brings her down to a 4 or 5.

  • strohs

    I wouldn’t take pictures of that. that is just fat wrapped up in spandex

  • El

    I love this package. Wouldn’t want to see her after she has a child. If she has already had one I will take it with a smile. Stop only going after the skinny ones you can throw around.

  • Dave

    Damn. Thin waste to a thick ass while still retaining the boobage? You go girl, wish half the chicks in this world had that kind of body, the only one that comes from being in the gym.

  • Scott

    I like how Yoga guy calls me gay because he likes nasty looking chicks. Get some taste you slimy cunt.

  • BDG

    Perfection!!!!!!!!!!!! All you haters can kiss it!!! Everybody likes different things-It’s what makes the world go around!!!!!

  • jack


  • assman2000

    please tell this girl to post some more

  • http://www.lease-agreement-template.com/ Derek

    She is totally hot, except for the big ass. Sorry, too much sweetheart!

  • Chibbles


  • susan

    love it so sexy

  • Ivan

    Super hot, fit, good shape with the nice booty. Would marry that girl

  • assman2000

    fuck the haters you have a perfect body, slim waste and nice ass. i love it

  • RED

    “She’s obviously fit” Why? because of what she’s wearing and she most likely had a boob job? If you look closely at her ass and chubby legs, you’ll notice she isn’t all that “fit”. What is it with people and obese asses on here?

  • Pittbull

    Can I marry you

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Demetru Van Coy


  • Nazareth Beastman

    I can cuddle up to that forever and desire to do nothing else but to cling on to that!

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