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Daniel sent in these pictures he says are of his thick girlfriend. I’m not sure I believe it, but I’m okay with him claiming that as long as he keeps sending in pictures of her. Like what you see? Keep going for the enlarged shots and demand more in the comments!

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  • Rad

    I wouldn’t classify her as thick. While she has some nice feminine curves there is nothing big about her.

    Nice boobs, thin waist, nice ass.

  • buttman

    looks alot like crisco to me, ya know fat in the can. hit the gym sista

  • Assbandito

    Put a bag over her head and that’s one fine woman

  • The Last Universalist

    She’s hot. If it is his GF he’s a lucky bastard.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d hit that, too! Nice booty curvature. ;)

  • Ch’booie

    There’s a degree of tranny face going on.

  • anonymus from DR

    that is Paola Cristal, ex wife of Dominican raper Don Miguelo, she was recently involved in a scandal because of pictures filtered out of her naked by her ex husband, so dont think the dude that sent the pics is her bf.

  • McDub

    If she took those pants off, it would be all over the place. Whats the max torque on yoga pants anyway? Oh and yeah…she looks like a dude.

  • Bootyologist

    lucky bastard

  • jack


  • McDub

    Thanks to the anonymous tip, I googled her. That is just a horrible picture of her. She is smoking hot on the rest of them…

  • Ass Lover

    I would go deep in her pussy and her booty

  • young geezy

    That’s the kind of ass yoga pants were made for. More REAL women, less flat-assed gym bunnies

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