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When you purchase your significant other a pair of yoga pants, you’re inadvertantly giving a gift to every man she happens to walk by while wearing them. And if she’s as nice as you, she may even regift them to us like the girl above. So do the world a favour and get your girlfriend some yoga pants. Or, if you’re single this holiday season, you can just go enjoy the enlarged pics after the jump..

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  • hellspawnman

    OMG I want her for xmas!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • bws

    I always ask for something like her for christmas and all I get is sox & ties.

  • iloveyogapants

    omg hall of fame. this is an amazing ass

  • SirDistic

    I’d give her a package full of snow.

  • D?????

    just shot a huge cum load

  • CG

    Happy Holidays. I was hoping that this gift would be under my Christmas tree. :(

  • Neal

    cum all over your ass.

  • cazr

    All cum her inside her pussy then she can give me my Xmas present.

  • StrokerAce

    Holy fuck, I really enjoy the color, lighting, and plethora of angles here! Thanks to whomever sent this and posed for the shots! :D

  • Lester Paul

    I buy my wife at least two pairs every Xmas. 3 last year, including two pair of Lulu’s. Only one this year though. Times are tight. She has about a dozen pairs and wears them all the time.

  • Geo

    See, that’s the way you can tell a true nice ass as opposed to one that is simply being held together by the firmness of the yoga pants. The bottom left picture which is side view gives it away. She has a REAL ass here. When she takes those off, the ass is still perfect, I guarantee it.

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