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We’ve had many great examples of The Gap here on GirlsInYogaPants.com, but few are finer than this. A beautiful example of what a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can bring to creeps on the internet everywhere.. If only every woman had her dedication! Maybe someday. Until then, enjoy the high res shot of this booty in yoga shorts by

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  • Jon

    I would drag my balls through 1 million miles of broken glass and lemon slices across the sahara desert with rosie odonnell’s queef as my only air supply, the entire mexican soccor team’s sweat as my only water supply, and three sprouts of asperagus just to get a whiff your panties after they had been donated to a thrift store and used as a cum rag by a HIV positive homeless man

  • corey

    Just fantastic! I wish my face was in that gap!

  • doyourDew


  • http://www.mensconfidence.com Tommy B

    That’s a nice rump right there…

  • Diggler

    yum!!! the gap is strong in this one!!! top notch munchables!!!

  • Anon

    Total lack of knowledge of what “The Gap” is. Thighs must be touching, then and only then, the visible triangle of light that shines through is known as The Gap. Fucking disgraceful.

  • BlackShadow

    God damn! now THAT is one sweet, sweet, ass!

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  • paul

    i would love to snack on this muff she is hot

  • StrokerAce

    I have a rod full of man seed for that gap! :D

  • Jay

    Daaaaammmmmnnnnnnn!! Amazing! True talent!

  • Ass Splash

    Oh the things I’d do to her and that ass

  • Diggler

    Hey “anon” you fucktard, you obviously live in your moms basement whackn your dick to porn, I know exactly what the gap is, i weight train and I see that shit everyday, even without proper display in the above picture, the gap is strong. Idiot.

  • Ted

    Jon, your comment is just EPIC! You’re my new hero! Oh and the babe is totally hot!

  • Luke

    The things I would do to fuck this beautiful ass!

  • Unsatisfied.

    So by “high res photo” they mean really large photo with really shitty quality.

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