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  • Kyle

    I would like to pour a bottle of moet down her spine canyon and drink it as it flows off her ass cheeks.

  • chester

    that is a weird looking ass

  • DDDP

    I can’t afford Moët but ill pour some water on that ass

  • Ch’booie

    Her ass looks weird.

  • Randy

    Mmmm… pull them down even lower, baby… very nice…

  • paul

    she defines perfection. i would do things to her that only you can dream about. stroker ace what is your take on this fine ass

  • WACO

    I’m all about the gap, those are some easy spreading legs

  • Buttslammer

    Oh yeah

  • Neal

    Looks like a wax figure



  • anonymous

    This is possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  • LoL wut

    Where’s her ass?

  • StrokerAce

    I think the fake “chester” may be gay. I don’t know what’s up with that shit.

    I do know, however, I’d like to tap that gap! :D

  • nicejo

    If that fine ass looks “weird” to you, you are either a Puerto Rican or a stupid ass wigger! This is an ASS!

  • Ch’booie

    I guess I’m a wigger then? Because I’m certainly not Puerto Rican. :P

  • Jenny Taylia

    That’s no ass, it’s barely there. Easier to get to her khaki star to rim her i guess, but very poor butt cheeks. Needs some pies in her.

  • John

    Oh man, that is N-I-C-E, nice! That is some nice wait to hip ratio to go along with dat ass as well.

  • bootyologist

    WTF is this?????

  • Bill

    That’s called “Factory Air”

  • dontworrryaboutit

    I would like to Take her out on a date and politley drive her home and hope she calls back so i can maybe one day marry her! Abstenence!

  • dontworrryaboutit

    LOL just joking, that is an ass that would tempt me to sneak up on her one late night in a dark alley and do unspeakable things while she enjoys it so much she is screaming no and stop at the top of her lungs till she quivers into an unwavering cry!!

  • iheartyogapants7

    Angels made that ass!!!

  • dontLikeFakes

    okay, but not that hot, maybe 6 of 10

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