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Life doesn’t get much better than this for a Girls In Yoga Pants fan. You all have GIYP fan David to thank.

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  • George Costanza

    I want to shove my face in between those cheeks and use her ass hole as a breathing device.

  • GIYP192

    Oh sweet lord.

  • assholelover

    that’s perfection

  • Bullet

    Mind the Gap.

  • assbandito

    That’s a thing of beauty!!

  • steve tasker

    It’s like a magic eye picture. i can’t stop staring at it

  • mrhand

    So this is what heaven is like????

  • FartboyNYC

    I agree she is simply perfection!!! I want to be her fartboy and breathe eat and taste all of her juicy wet sweaty stinky farts all day every day!!! I would live with my face in her sweet tasty perfect ass!!! Hmmm… fart fart fart fart in my face!!! YUMMY!

  • YoungGun

    This is why I come her

  • Jay

    I’d like to see one of her NOT arching her back, still looks nice but could be deceptive

  • Kid Salami

    Not that I mind but I think this is a repost from the old site? Though definitely worthy of a 2nd look :)

  • crabbypatty

    fuckin epic

  • Aldaris

    Ok, ok this is illegal , I mean , I risked the heart attack when I see this perfect ass on my daily check of GIYP….holy fu*k this ass is insane….others pics should be very appreciated…now I can take my jaw from the floor…good evening everybody….

  • StrokerAce

    Kid Salami’s right about this being a repeat post, but I can’t figure out where it’s from. Oh well, just enjoy the sights. :P

    Jay, why worry about the back arch? If she’s on all fours in front of you and you got your sausage shoved inside her, are you gonna worry about it then, too? Especially with a nice ass like that one wriggling in front of you.

    Damn, I just gave myself wood thinking about being in between her cheeks. Gotta go take care of somethin’… ;)

  • Chef Freak

    I’d hit that twice.

  • thethe


  • bigdaddy

    this my friends, has set the bar for what a gap should look like

  • spidey

    I’d Jump Into THAT Gap! haha

  • Just Sayin

    After that pink trailer trash train wreck disaster post a few days ago, this is the stuff that makes GIYP the giants that you are!!!! Even the great ones falter. True champs regain their grace.
    I know not all your readers are down for the small bootie … big booty, lil ittie bitty booties … as long as they are awesome, like this one!!!!!!!!!

    Just Sayin – tight white pants :-)

  • oooo paaa!

    Yes! Tight and white! Now look at the cow in white posted after this one and tell me there is any fucking comparison.

  • ScooterDoo

    Time for the ditch party!

  • Just Sayin

    oooo paaa! Yup, gotta tell u, I never had a reason to look beyond the first pic here, I mean honestly it never even occurred to me to close the jump high res and go back to look at anything else.
    Just Sayin, these are some serious Tight White Pants my friend … where the hell else was I gonna go LOL

  • gjm

    i want her to fart in my face

  • matt

    I would tonguestab that fartbox any day!!! All day!!

  • Jimmy

    We need a hi res shot!

  • jack

    Now this is one fine A$$!!! I guess George and I are queers though because we like this small tight A$$ just ask The Last Universalist. According to him we all have to love big fat A$$es to be a straight guy, if you don’t you must be queer!!!

  • Fanofgiyp

    I’d shoot that gap in a heartbeat!!!

  • cazr

    I wanna fck her all nite long and shes going to love cum dripping in side and out her pussy its white yeah..

  • Jay

    Simple perfection

  • jojo9090

    u can put a plate on her lower back and eat a sandwich !

  • joe

    I agree with Jack… It’s nice to see a tight lil butt, instead of these giant cottage cheesed assed that for some reason people think are attractive. THIS one is the standard by which all others should be judged… Congrats to whomever it belongs to!

  • Creep

    If she fucked my dick her ass bone would crush my walnuts

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    I want to lick it from front to back!!!! Then stick my Dick up that Asshole and Skeet cum all in it!!

  • jack

    @ ASS KING are you a freaking queer all you want to do is plug something in the ass!!! It’s an exit hole not a entry hole!!! He’ll clean it up or get off the site we don’t need fags like you on here!!!

  • BoB

    No Jack you are not alone.Those big fat asses stuff into these pants are just OK.Maybe worth a 2nd look.This on the hand is FINE.Stare at it forever FINE.

  • Coravix

    That is easily one of the most perfect butts I’ve ever seen. Very very nice!

  • mordred

    fall out new vegas dlc the great divide! hopefully people get the joke

  • robert allen

    After a rimjob that last as long as you like, can i stretch your booty hole a little??? K-Y and condom are at your disposal!!!

  • smokintat

    By far one of the best asses on this site. What a gorgeous view!

  • Datguycash

    My dick wud live in her ass

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