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Knowing that the people who selflessly devote their lives to defending our countries come and check out our website on the little bit of time they get with the internet definitely helps keep us going.. A lot of it has to do with the girls in yoga pants.. but some of it you guys! We recently received a T-Shirt order from Sgt Salas of the USMC. He wrote: thank you for the web site all my Marines overseas love it.. — This reminded me of a video submitted a couple of weeks ago of some Marines checking out GIYP in Afghanistan, so here it is:

You can also find the enlarged shot of this babe that we’re sending out to the USMC, the guys in the video and more specifically, Sgt. Salas, after the jump.. Thanks for the support!

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  • Thad


  • AG

    Absolutely. fucking. amazing.

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com asslover502

    The things I would do to this ass!

  • Zach

    hot damn that is one hell of a booty

  • steve

    speechless!!!!!! the shape of those hips ,ass,and thighs. OMG just unreal shes perfect. from the waist down it wouldn’t be fair to other women if her chest was bigger

  • joe

    Just… mmm… fuckin sexy

  • http://girlsinyogapants thor

    Trippy…I’m getting,out the usmc today..lol…oh yea that ass is fat…in a great way

  • dr assman

    as long as I have a face, this beautiful girl has a place to sit

  • Revelation of Life

    Man she’s a jaw dropper and cock raiser

  • vacheezehead


  • loki

    might want to lay off them big mac’s for awhile, you’ve been supersized!!!

  • Jeff

    Hahahaha maybe I’m related to the sgt. We share the same last name. That girl is so sexy and that ass whoooo thats a nice ass

  • henri

    epic ass and a fun ride

  • henri

    love her thighs too

  • George Costanza

    HOLY SHIT@! If I saw this girl out side jogging I would grab her and rape her! That ASS would be worth the 5 years prison time HELL YEAH! :)

  • Onree

    Iv never posted on here before but I feel I have to for this photo alone! Iv seen some awesome booty in my time and also loads on here but for me this has to be by far the best an my most favourite booty ever!! ICheck the Thighs aswell. I’d eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner! Keep up the good work!

  • AssMane

    I’d stick my tongue so far up her ass that i’ll be able to taste what she had for lunch…. yumm

  • GIYP fanatic

    I would definitely salute her… hell, I’m practically standing at attention right now.

  • James

    Hate to break the news, but these pictures are photoshopped. still got a nice butt, but not as great as this.

  • StrokerAce

    I’m spankin’ the monkey to the blue-clad babe! :D

  • jA

    With that booty, she’s wife material. I’d put 3 rings on it. I’d give her ass a huge load of cream twice per day

  • Frank

    Who is she? That ass to waist ratio is phenomenal!

  • bootywatcher33


  • gr8man

    I must find out who this is so I can stalk her Damn

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Damn, that ass is Awesome!

  • gr8man

    If anyone has a name or website where this gr8 ass can be found please post don’t be shy

  • Jimmy Jack

    I can’t deny it, she has a great body.

  • Mike Dodd

    wow now if more women had an ass like that

  • RED

    Good god she looks like a fucking mutant! What the hell happened to her legs?

  • Ludde
  • loki

    this girl needs to cut out the fastfood and hit the gym seriously. maybe jog across the country or something. could stand to drop 35 to 40 lbs. that’s one nasty fat but. not trying to insult, but it looks like a black girls ass.

  • Sandman

    Thanks, Ludde…checked out the original pic, she’s flat as hell

  • jbird

    damn i knew that pic was too good to be true, and @loki if shes fat then your a complete dumbass

  • Kessog

    Even in the original photo she is still a little bundle of awsomeness.

  • Mike

    I like the original better

  • AlecPussy

    If she is a Marine i’m enlisting today!!

  • blah

    it’s funny that they photoshopped her butt larger, but still left all the cellulite on her thighs. That shit shows right through her damn pants.

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