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  • BBD

    Best I have seen on here EVER.

  • StrokerAce

    That is wonderful work, and with the camera as well. ;)

    How did the camera operator survive? I imagine store/mall security tackled the guy within the next minute. LOL

  • WACO

    Wow, I say this sorta exaggerating sometimes, but this is truly PERFECTION. Not only the Ass, but the Thighs! She hasn’t been neglecting any of her workouts at the gym, that’s for sure.

  • The Last Universalist

    Quite nice! Great job by the cameraperson.

  • Iv693

    Nice job dude… One question …are you invisible ????

  • Dan

    That gents is the effects of squats. Perfect body IMO. Better then that skinny look girls think is perfection

  • George Costanza

    Thank you Josh, we all know you cancelled your plans and headed home to jack off to this treasure find.

    Anyways, can you imagine the smell of that plump pussy and juicy ass hole???? oh my Im going to have to twist my penis with sandpaper for this 1.

    first, BULLDOG and Billy bob any insight on this fine specimen?

    – George OUT

  • Aldaris

    Well the thing truly incredible in this video is the guy that make it….I cant’ imagine how he did it, so long and so close to the girl…incredible!
    The ass of this chick is nice but remember my friends that the black leggings cover a lot….anyway nice ass I repeat.
    The song “tank” from Cowboy Bebop is a welcomed bonus

  • Milf_Fan

    I that little blond ever finds out her fat little ass is as big a hit as it is, there is gonna be hell to pay.

    She’s nice..

  • jason

    holy damn this is a hall of famer…. i wish we got a glimpse of her face!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • Uranus

    Bounce a quarter off that ass and get back $2.50!

  • ballz so low

    stick it in the pooper type material

  • Billy Bob

    Well George, to be totally honest I think she knew she was being filmed. Boyfriend? Friend? Girlfriend??? She’s hot, LOVED the camel toe shot. Her ass and thighs almost seem to big for the rest of her body, which is GREAT. Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing she just looks kinda weird. Now, with that being said I’d give her a hard 7.5 on my crank-o-meter.

  • DougieLittleHand

    The fact that yoga pants are acceptable work attire is awesome. What a country.

  • reck

    I’m willing to bet anything that’s in brazil. Every day occurance over there.

    Also I think she was very aware of the guy with the camera. She just didn’t care.

  • http://www.HitachiMagic.com HitachiMagic.com

    Anyone else watch this video over and over and realize an hour has gone by? She is perfect. I could say that without seeing her face…

  • Kyle


    Ya i’m usually first bitches!!!

    This video takes the cake……This is a inspiration for all us creeps and restraining-order dudes out there!!

    Keep on tapin’


  • Randy

    This dude has more balls than a driving range. Fantastic work.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Holy shit. This is one bubbly (maybe almost too bubbly?) ass.

    Great balls recording the video. I wish I could do the same when I see an ass like this in NYC but it’s hard to do since you got the attention whore checking for creeps as well as pervs like me checking the ass out and then they see my phone taping the ass.

    They might say something, but ass Faggy Bob says, I think she was letting the dude film her on purpose. There’s no way that dude is following her for 2 minutes and she didn’t notice.

    Tight big bubbly ass with a pink asshole. Just what the doctor ordered.

    Holy shit the ass I see in the gym doing downward dog and shit, I wanna tape it but then I might get kicked out! It’s not my fault if hoes go dressed like this! I’m not a robot dammit.

    This gets my sweet tiny mushroom stamp of:


    Jerk away guys, you have my blessing.

  • Larry

    black man’s kryptonite

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    BULLSHIT!!! If the girl was BLACK, there would be all kinds of comments about how disgusting she is, or about how she’s fat!!! You guys are some hypocritical FUCKS!!!

  • Billy Bob

    Hey first/BULLSHIT er I mean BULLDOG made it……woo. I’m glad you agree with what I said. That’s called sarcasm first, you piece of taint on a gay man. The video was over 3 min. long, ass munch. I know for you learnin them numbers is hard work. Before you spew your “knowledge” about what can tell us about women maybe you should learn what a real one is like in person first. Not what you look at on a screen or in magazine.

  • Billy Bob

    @BULLSHIT I mean BULLDOG, black or white she has bigger thighs and ass than the rest of her body size. The rest of her is fine, real fine. If she was black I would have said the same thing. I would still stroke it to her no matter what race she was. I’m an female only equal opportunity cranker.

  • YoG

    so thick, so perfect. All the dudes that said you can’t see her face must not have actually watched the video…she’s gorgeous to boot.

  • Ludde

    no possibility to download the video?

  • Ass Splash

    Where is this store she works at? I have to see this first hand

  • Pep Streibeck

    Amazing perfect video and perfect girl. This is an instant classic. Great job. This video should win an award, and I wish I worked with her. damn!!!!

  • Buttslammer

    You can shoot a video like this with a belt clip iPhone case. Just sayin…

  • http://www.first.com first

    Holy shit buttslammer. You’re a genius!

    Seriously I never thought of that. I gotta get me one asap. I can’t hold phone in my hand because it makes it so obvious I’m following the whore but with a belt clip no one would suspect anything!

    Now what’s your take on upskirts?

    I wanna do those too as in NYC you see attention whore with tiny miniskirts and I want to film their bare asses but again, its hard because its obvious.

    I see those upskirt videos on youtube and I don’t understand how they get so close and so love like almost on the ground. How do they do it?

    You’re welcome back to our circle jerk with our tiny dick buttslammer! But you gotta use soap.

    And bulldog… you’re 100% right. If she was black, with a brown asshole and purple pussy, that’d be disgusting. But she’s not, she white with a pink asshole and pink pussy and doesn’t smell like a black. Get it you fag?

  • anonymous

    I can’t help imagining what she’d look like naked. Impressive body.

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    Then, Billy Bob…I guess Im NOT talking about YOU…you ‘GENIUS’!!!

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    And first…youre a racist piece of SHIT!!! The color of the woman doesnt matter…because…NONE of these bitches will give you the time of day…in a CLOCK SHOP!!!

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    One more thing…first…a white woman DOESNT get hips & ass like THAT fuckin’ a WHITE BOY!!! Keep strokin’ & DREAM ON!!!

  • PhattyBatty Lover

    How did you do this….nice job !!! This bitch is tick nice !! wow !!!

  • mordred

    first/fuck face/wanker: how about you just go die? well you will die since you’ll probably try to have sex with a giant woman that killed every man she ever screwed (regardless of the male’s fighting skills) named bertha.

    the camera man is most likely either: A) boyfriend or B) male friend with benefits, but her ass would look much better with some red marks on it from being a VERY bad little lady >:)

  • Sal Monella

    Ain’t nothin’ creepy ’bout that!

  • gbr23


  • ????

    i love her thighs.

  • Pep Streibeck

    I’m so inspired to do creep shot videos. Awesome work, thank you Josh!

  • This cougar


  • http://kindof-perfect.tumblr.com Me

    Props for the Cowboy Bebop theme.

  • Meat

    I’m really not all that impressed with the video, the girl, however, definitely worth the effort. I’ve seen better quality creep work.

  • s3kshun8

    Is there a new link for it!? reading all the damned comments are making me really want to see it

  • Danniel

    Can you reupload the video ???? Pleaseeeeeeee

  • Mark

    Why????? What happened??? I came back for more and now it’s gone!!! The injustice!! Does anyone have the link for it?

  • pacman
  • Don

    Instagram: @taylorreis

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