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creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pantsYesterday we received a creep shot on Twitter from @WaynesThang that was so incredible, we couldn’t help but feature it on our homepage. Today, we’ve learned there’s not only more pictures of her, but there was also more girls in yoga pants with her, as well!

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-1And not just one extra, but two!

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-2Sorry, that’s three. So in total there were four girls wearing spandex in front of this guy.

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-3Holy crap 5, 5 girls in spandex in front of this guy and some hard nipples to top it all off. We expect the adjacent road looked something like this. Now, I know that was a lot to take in, but if you think you can handle it I would highly advise making the jump to check out the high res version of these pics. It’s not something you’re going to want to miss.

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-4(Click to enlarge)

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-8(Click to enlarge)

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-7(Click to enlarge)

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-6(Click to enlarge)

creep-shot-girls-in-yoga-pants-5(Click to enlarge)

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  • Straf24

    The Holy Grail of yoga pants pics, I salute all involved with these pics.

  • Ch’booie

    i want to do them all

  • StrokerAce

    Smorgasbroad is a beautiful thing. :P

  • Dr Booty Phd

    This guy is the creep shot master. He should be placed upon a hill, and after climbing it you get to ask him one question. Ass ass ass ass.

  • lululover

    Kelowna girls are truly the hottest.

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  • Dman

    Is Wayne the dude posting all the creep shots?

    from these pics i can tell he’s in Kelowna BC

    i can vouch that that city allows for MANY creep shot photo opportunities

    lots of talent on Bernard street!!!

  • derek


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