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The Cougar Says Goodbye!

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the cougarThat’s right folks, we’re starting off the week with the worst fucking news ever! The Cougar has decided to stop submitting photos to us. While I’m sure my angry rants blaming everyone for this horrible outcome would be productive, I think I’ll let this go down the way it should, with words from the The Cougar herself:

Hey fellas. Wow not sure your fans want to see me anymore. Way more down votes than up. Guess it’s time to move on. Thanks for all the love you have shown my pix. To the fans that took time to comment, thank you! Your comments were not over looked. Thank you to the ones that defended me when others were rude and obnoxious. We all have our opinions and are entitled to them, but some where just flat out ignorant, especially when you don’t even know me. I didn’t expect for everyone to like my pix by any means but my god I thought individuals would show more class when commenting. Guess that’s what you get when you post your @ss on the net. Take the good with the bad. LOL😁. Anyway love you all! Merry Christmas!

If you’re as bummed the fuck out as I am, please click the thumbs up. We’re working on getting her back to do something for the GIYP sponsors – but until then, this might be the last time you see this booty for a while. Possibly ever.

I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.

Check out 48 of the sexiest pictures she’s ever sent us ›


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  • Tee

    Jack asses dont know how to appreciate shit…..the ones that make the dumb ass comments probably dont get ass…..I’ll miss you Cougar…..your body is right and you can get it from me everyday and twice on Sunday!!!

    • John

      I think you are confident and perfectly curvy. That is sexy, I will miss you. The odd surprise picture would be wonderful.

  • The Weeping Cheeto

    Dammit, Obama

    • Al

      It’s “Thanks, Obama”. Get it right.

  • Jimmy

    The down votes has to be some kind of error.. It doesn’t make any sense..!
    Or it’s an angry ex who’s good with computers and found a way to make 1 vote count as 10,000..

  • been gettin doe

    I was sayin since day one shes the baddest on the site now all these jealous fat hos and faggets made her leave she should just send pics to me

  • Paul Porter

    If she was so concerned about getting thumbs up votes then she should have post better pics. Look back and everyone will see the same or very similar pics time and time again. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a great ass but her post got repetitive. Plus if she wanted more thumbs ups then why not post a really great pic or pics for her farewell post. Instead we got this lame side shot. So good luck to the cougar and there’s enough ass out there.

    • Harry Bauls

      Ditto. Same pic over and over and over.

      • STFU

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion but it’s asswipe mother fuckers like you two that spoil if for a lot of other normal people.

        May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your crotch.

        • Django


          • STFU


        • Harry Bauls

          That’s funny

  • Guu

    I Understand Her Decision But Negativity Should Be Overlooked. If You Love Showing Your Body You Shouldn’t Let Anyone Stop Your Ambition. Keep Posting!

  • Tóth Tamás

    They want us to pray for her!Noooo, i won´t.Goodbye Mrs.Unknown

  • miško-piško

    Falit će nam tvoja guza :( . Greetings from the fans of the Balkans (Croatia , BiH , Serbia)

  • mso4ivp

    I’ll miss you Ms Cougar, you exude pure sexiness! So much sexiness with the teases and pics you’ve shared with us. Peace always for you Cougar, you’re one of a kind, keep smiling!!!

  • Harry Bauls

    Bye. I can simply look at the past three pics to simulate any future submissions. In other words: the pics are all the same…

    • STFU

      Fuck you

  • Master Amsu

    For one … I expected this due to the nature of our Dear Cougar she is a lady and she knows the value of her asset’s. Real men value her not only because she has a very sexy figure … but for her intelligence and ability to mutually share a very sensuous exchange!

    I tip my hat to you, dearest Cougar not to worry I have down loaded your best and you have a folder on my unit!

    We can only hope that the boys some day grow up and become men!

    Dam, I thought I had seen them all but that toe shot with the yellow top is awesome …. I will surely miss your very very sexy pictures my Cougar!

    • Tóth Tamás

      Really?Anyway I appriciate your comment man,but lets move on,one door shuts another opens,there are a lot of girls like Cougar,just look around!!!Somehow I fellt that she will end sending pics,sorry man,I know that you were her biggest fan,but in this cruel world the unknown beauties starts to ‘extinct’ due to selfies.Being an Amanda Lee fan, I will always admire the Cougar.Have a nice day!

      • RW

        Not really.

    • redarrow5150

      Her intelligence? How would we know?

  • dannydarko

    Be very sad to see you go. I looked forward to seeing your posts. Thank You for sharing and I am sure I speak for all fans when I say, I hope you reconsider, Merry Christmas…

  • Syre

    Pure sexiness without the flash. You will be missed Cougar. Thank you for showing us how it should be done.

  • Roccostiffi

    Happy Retirement Cougar !

  • Paul Porter

    You seriously consider yourself ” normal” ? Your upset that a chic in tights isn’t going to post her ass no more. Really? That’s your big concern in life? Lmfao.

    • STFU

      What a dumb fuck. Don’t even know how to post a reply.

  • Dirtyperv

    This is bogus. Whether you like the Cougar or not, there are a few things to be said here.

    GIYP: I looked back through her pics. There’s no way those dislikes are legit. I also looked back at a bunch of other pics and even the terrible ones don’t have this many dislikes. Nor do the really great ones have that many total likes/dislikes. Who on here would motivate someone to “take down” a poster? I can only think of 2-3, but the Cougar probably tops the list. I challenge you to investigate this matter further. Looks like it’s been hacked.

    Cougar: Why take all this nonsense so personally? Let’s take this at face value: You’re posting pictures of your ass on the internet. There will always be difference of opinion and those who don’t like your pics. Let them talk. True, these people don’t know you personally, so why put any weight on what they say? Forget the down votes, they’re bogus, and look at the comments. The majority are positive. You have true fans. If you enjoy posting pics, then keep doing so and don’t let a few negative comments ruffle your feathers.

  • Paul Porter

    Well if I’m so dumb and don’t know how to post a reply how did your genius ass answer it? Get a clue, a life and maybe move out of your mommy and daddy house for starters.

    • STFU

      Simple. I’m a lot smarter than you are.

      • Paul Porter

        Really? How would you know that much? First off I would gladly challenge you at anything especially an I.Q. test . I already know mine and my wonderful salary shows that. Not to mention my lifestyle. So bring your ass to jersey and lets do it. Any sport or test you would like. Put up or shut up. Oh and I got a $10,000 wager to add to it. What do you say little man.

        • STFU

          I did’t realize I was dealing with an Internet warrior. Hey slick you forgot your 12″ dick, you can walk on water, you’re working on a cure for cancer and your wife was a Playboy Bunny.

          You are one funny dude.

  • redarrow5150

    Life goes on. Cya.

  • Some Guy

    All I c an say is WOW… This woman owes NO ONE ANYTHING, and besides
    how many ways can someone show off their ass without being GROSS.

    She obviously has class and a life she is protecting and does not need a bunch of horny losers making her feel bad about herself.

    Yes she must have liked the attention but at the same time does not need to be ridiculed.

    Just like she CHOOSE to post she now CHOOSES to NOT. your Aholes with no life ruined it for her and the world.

    there are plenty of gross explicit pics to look out and as you get older you will see Less is MORE.

    my 2C’s

    Good for you Cougar

  • Canuck Guy

    Yes, yes, I am in R.O.C’s corner on this. Please stay. Don’t punish us for the words of a few twits. You have a lovely caboose.

    • J- R.o.c.

      Agreed Canuck Guy. If anyone needs to go are those clowns who chooses not to vote for her. We need to start a Pertition for her to stay……..who’s with me?

  • JustAGuy

    I’m sorry to hear she’s leaving. :( She was the best part of the website. Maybe she could start her own subreddit? Then us loyalists can still enjoy more of the cougar.

  • Atrain

    Cougar, your a beautiful woman of class. Like a fine wine, just kept getting better with age. Come back!

  • Fred Bangs

    NOooooooooooooooo…… Don’t go!!!!! We love your pics… 1 more year… 1 more year… Please cougar… Don’t leave us!

  • bassbone

    Awwwwwwwww!!! Cougar, your amazing figure, tantalizing pics, sassy poses, ridiculous assets and style challenged my extensive vocabulary to describe the beauty you shared. We have lost the definition of strong, sexy femininity with the loss of the Cougar. Don’t go Cougar! You still “got it”

  • GERY

    She ha a profile a Disqus named Loveyoga. Her fans can watch her there. Solve the problems with those downvotes. There’s something sketchy about them.

    • Dan

      Are you sure it’s called Loveyoga? Im trying to find it and cant lol

      • Ricky

        Yeah! That’s it!

        • someguy

          were??? any links??

    • ChrisI

      Holy shit. You weren’t kidding, she’s been posting better pics on Chive for months. Feels like we’ve been getting the dregs.

  • Paul Porter

    Exactly what I expected. Pussy ass bitch. All talk no balls and obviously broke. Need me to pay for your plane ticket to Newark fag boy? My dog is worth more then you are. If your nice I’ll give your mom a job cleaning my toilets while your dad washing my cars

    • STFU

      Mr tough guy still hasn’t learned the reply function. I left my reply if your dumb ass can find in.

      My work here is done. Seeing you get your panties in a wad was worth my effort.


  • Crusader3

    Dear Ms Cougar. I just want to say I have always enjoyed seeing your pictures, and am sad that you will not be submitting any more. You are a very beautiful woman and it has been a pleasure. Sorry that people can be so thoughtless and hurtful. In my eyes, you still have it going on! Hope to see you come back someday! Happy Holidays! So wish you would be under my tree!

  • FMTthenoseknows

    You are gorgeous to me I don’t care what anyone else may think or say about you so sorry to hear you resigning but I can’t really blame you at the same time once anyone makes themselves known on the internet they are always hated and loved.

  • Nate

    Doesn’t mean my fantasies will stop. =) Thank you my Dear! You have a Merry Christmas as well!

  • Saddened

    Say it ain’t so!

    Farewell fabulous cougar and thanks for all the awesome you have shared.

  • Mr. Jingleheimerschmidts

    Well, there goes to only reason there ever was to log onto this site. Sorry to see you go cougar. If you do read these comments you should know that there were some who appreciated every pic. Thank you for sharing and if yo decide to post somewhere else send me a message on Disqus an let me know so I can keep commenting and up-voting.

  • jereboam

    She’s not bad but the desperate attention-whore aspect of her personality kind of kills it. Don’t really care about her whining about some people not lavishing her with compliments. Just walking to work on an average day I’ll see three or four girls with smoking hot asses in yoga pants that put her to shame. Yoga pants are everywhere now, thank god. Why get all butthurt that one particular chick is going withhold pictures of her butt? Big fucking deal.

  • jereboam

    And what the hell is up with all her posts on Disqus being tied into a chive post? Although I’m not surprised she’s into that stupid website.

  • koronababyyyy

    I still wanna bone her ahahha shes sexy

  • Shockwave

    Just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure and take care my dear. If you have another outlet you can show some more pics, please let me know. I’d be glad to follow you.

  • nobody

    People here need to grow up. Sorry cougar that you had to deal with these fools. I thought that your pictures were awesome. I would much prefer real women submitting pictures that simply scraping pictures from the internet. I think we need to remove the downvote button since it provides zero value other than to hate.

  • Jon Jon

    Good riddens, there’s too much young talent with smaller frames but still phat asses to drool over. She did show some extra skin occasionally, but id rather watch hardcore gonzo porn than see her in a thong or shower. This site is about yoga pants.

  • rick murray

    What a bleeping shame! Will miss you sexy lady

  • Angel

    At the risk of sound obvious, why not just get rid of up votes /down votes. Avoid this problem altogether

  • Tommyboy

    Thanks for all the pics keep rocking them pants every wear your butt looks good in them

  • Jason

    Knowing you has nothing to do with this. We are commenting solely on the contents of your pants. Frankly, if you can’t deal with the knowledge that some people don’t care for their contents and have accepted your invitation to comment and make that known, maybe you shouldn’t be opening yourself up to hearing the opinions of anyone with time on their hands and internet access. Personally, I don’t care for your ass at all but its the audacity of you giving us a guilt trip and trying to punish us the only way you see possible that has made me dislike you as a human being. You could just as easily stopped sending pics without ranting about basically hurting your feelings. If you were so fragile as to not be able to handle the opinions of complete strangers that you will never meet you shouldn’t have showed your ass to the world expecting that there would be a 100% consensus that you had the “nicest ass in the whole world”. Like I said, I disagree emphatically but your attack was unnecessary. I hope it made you feel better knowing that now somewhere some lonely dude can’t sleep knowing that he’ll never see ” The Cougar’s” ass again. Before you were just an ass in yoga pants… Now, you’re just an ass.

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